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Here is a look into what is trending in the lash industry as well as at LashBase.

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Dark Brown Lashes

Say hello to Dark Brown Lashes!

We now stock a variety of brown lashes for the perfect natural look. Black or brown? It's down to your client's preference but these dark brown lashes tend to look great on fairer-skinned clients with blonde or red hair as the look is a lot softer.

Crafted with the highest quality PBT fibres for superior curl consistency, and available in both mixed and single lengths, these lashes are a must-have for any professional lash artist!

Already have Dark Brown? Why not try Light Brown or our Dark Brown Mix tray!?

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Lifted. Pro 3 Step System

The fastest lash lifting innovation has arrived!

Lifted. Pro is the fastest setting system in the lash industry. Specially formulated, and exclusive to LashBase. Designed with professionals in mind to allow for a quicker lifting process!

Lifted. Pro sachets will last up to 2 weeks once opened. Lifted. Pro lasts up to 20 treatments per pack.

Lifted. Pro Timings
Step 1 - 5 minutes.
Step 2 - 90 seconds - 2 minutes (Maximum!)

STRICTLY professional use only.

   If you’re a trainer and looking for lash lift and tint kits, get in touch via our email training@lashbase.co.uk.

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Supreme Lash Adhesive

Supreme Adhesive is suitable for classic, hybrid, and Russian volume lash extensions.

Fast-drying (0.5 – 1 second) not suitable for beginners who are just starting out, or for intermediate lash artists who are working on their speed and technique. Perfect for highly experienced lash artists who work quickly.

Colour: Black
Curing Time: 0.5 - 1 Second
Viscosity: Thin Ideal Humidity: 40 – 70%
Ideal Temperature: 18-24 Degrees Celsius

FREE LashBase Retention Guide (worth £9.99) with every purchase of lash adhesive! Guide comes as a digital download once your order has been dispatched.