LashBase Pro Ring Light 18″ 2.0


The LashBase Pro Ring Light is an essential tool for achieving professional-quality lighting in your lash room. Making it the perfect addition for getting those high-quality lash pics.

The LashBase Pro Ring Light also provides you with amazing coverage across your client's face during lash application - allowing you to create the best lash sets. The LED ring light can be used for lash selfies and video making too! Your Instagram feed will look amazing with crisp, high-quality photos.   

The LashBase Pro Ring Light features a high-quality LED lighting system that delivers bright and consistent illumination. With adjustable colour temperature and brightness levels, you have complete control over the lighting conditions, ensuring you achieve the perfect lighting setup for any situation.

The digital display and dimmer will take you from a low level 2700k up to 100% crisp 5600K lighting.

The 18" LED Ring Light includes:

  • Ring light with USB and 5 x Hot shoes (places to mount phone holder)
  • Phone holder
  • UK power adapter & plug
  • 1 stand
  • Remote control
  • 1 LashBase branded carry bag

Further information:

  • Cable Length: 2m
  • 1-year warranty

 Model SM1888 60W

Input Power

110V/240V 50HZ/60HZ

Output Power


Adjustment Range

Stepless Adjustment

Colour Temperature

2700K - 5600K

Flash Index



Internal Diameter 315mm
Outer Diameter 455mm

Thickness 35mm



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