RefectoCil Silicone Eye Pads


RefectoCil Silicone Eye Pads. Innovative Silicone Pads make eyelash tinting as simple as ever before.

The RefectoCil Silicone Pads Eye are self-adhesive and anti-slip and the soft high-tech silicone perfectly adjusts to every eye form. The pads are 100% impermeable and can be used up to 100 times. After each application, the eye pads have to be cleansed with water or liposoluble washing-up liquid. After cleansing they are immediately ready for reuse.

Advantages of the new Refectocil Silicone Eye Pads :
• Protects the skin from tint
• Self-adhesive & anti-slip
• Fits every eye form
• Can be reused up to 100 times
• Extra soft, skin-friendly high-tech silicon with a special surface structure
• Dermatologically and microbiological tested

Content: 2 Refectocil Silicone Eye Pads per unit

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