S Curved Fibre Tip Tweezers


Our best selling Tweezers, now come in Fibre Tip - YAY!

S Curved Fibre Tip Tweezers are perfect for picking up lash fans. They have been designed to help volume lash techniques.

Our Fibre Tip Tweezers Collection is versatile, we know it has been a long time coming - we just wanted to get it right! We can fully support that they are a must-have tool for any Lash Artist.

As they are part of our Premium Tweezers Collection, benefits include:

  • Free replacements for 1 year
  • Hand Tested
  • 30-day money-back guarantee*

Read the full terms HERE

If you are a beginner, they are a great addition to your kit, making the first few sets that little bit easier, as you won't spend time trying to find that grip point!

Colour: Silver

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