A guide to lash curls!

Let’s talk lash curls!

With the lash industry growing, we're seeing more lash curl options than ever! Whether you've been lashing for a while, or you've just completed your training, learning the difference between all the lash curls can be confusing!

In today's blog we’ll be talking through all the curls available in the lash world and which curls can be used for each client. We know there's so many to choose from, but ultimately the curl you decide to choose will depend on multiple variables.  


Before you begin lashing you’ll need to look at things such as eye shape, the lids, and also discuss the clients preferred style and preference. Its also worth asking your clients to screenshot some styles before their appointment, so they can give you an idea of the look they are hoping to achieve.

You can choose between different curls based on the style the client wants. You can then map out your chosen style on the eye pads so you know where to place each lash.



A B curl is a soft curl that can make straight lashes look accented. Basically, a B curl softly lifts naturally straight lashes. You can also use this type of curl for the inner eye for a subtle effect. 


The C curl is a very versatile curl. The C Curl helps give an extra lift and is the standard curl used by most lash techs. It’s perfect for most clients as it helps to open the eyes and it suits most eye shapes.  For the clients with downward or heavy downward lashes, a C curl can help give a more lifted look.


The CC curl is a very popular curl and helps achieve a more dramatic appearance. This curl can be used on clients with straight or curly lashes. While a C curl is closest to natural lashes, a CC is a good way to slightly enhance naturally curly lashes. It’s also the best way to add volume to natural lashes that are curled on their own. 


The D curl is a more rounded, super curly, extreme effect. Curlier than CC, the D curl helps to create an open-eye effect for clients with downward lashes. A D curl is best for doll eyes, especially if your client has straight lashes. A D curl also helps widen and enhance the shape of your client’s eyes. This type of curl is especially good for clients with small eyes who want them to be brighter or wider.


Is a newer curl and are curlier than your average lash extension. Its perfect for clients with downward-facing eyelashes. The D curl can help transform downward and straight lashes into the widened doll-eye look. This type of curl is typically used for creating volume and mega volume looks for clients who prefer dramatic lashes.


Very similar to an LL curl, the M curl has a straight base with a soft transition into a C curl. This curl is great for downward-pointing lashes, straight lashes, hooded lids and deep set eyes. The M curl is dramatic as it’s an upward-facing curl so styling as a cat eye lash set is perfect.  


The clue is in the name, this curl resembles the letter L. The L curl has a more pronounced curl closer to the base that straightens up toward the end of the lash. This curl is great for a doe-like wide eyed look and is the perfect curl for eyeliner lash sets.

l curl by @holylashh

by @holylashh

We’ve included a diagram below to show the difference between each curl:

Lash Curl Chart


Top Tip: As there are different layers of lashes across the lash line you can actually mix curls and lengths on different layers or sections to create the perfect look. 

Deciding on the right curl for your clients takes time and practice. But remember  to talk with your clients, do your research, and keep experimenting. 

We hope you found this blog post helpful, as always if you have any questions feel free to DM us at @LashBase_UK and we'll do our best to help!