Adhesive Storage

Written by Tara Fisher

Owner of Farnham Lashes Ambassador


You’d be really surprised by the number of students that rock up to mentoring with me and whip out from the bottom of their handbag a bottle of adhesive! It’s been upside down, lying on its side and rolling around the footwell of the car.

You really must store your adhesive upright and in an airtight container of it will affect the longevity of your adhesive.

There are plenty of good storage options available to you and these will help you get the best out of your adhesive. A good old glass Kilner type jar with some rice in the bottom works well. The rice will not only keep the adhesive upright (very important to stop your nozzle from clogging up), but it will also regulate temperature whilst it's being stored and will absorb any moisture that may be hovering around. My favourite, mainly because I love to have everything matching are the Lashbase Vacuum Sealed Container, there are two size options and I love the snazzy bright pink, prices start from £7.79.

At the end of each working day, I always advise students to pop the entire storage pot into a cupboard or to a dark area of your room where it is out of direct sunlight. This is especially important during the winter when the heating is on a lot more and again in the summer when our rooms are likely to be naturally warmer.

When you first open a new glue, try to get into the habit of writing the date on the side with a sharpie. This means you will never forget when you opened it and you can plan ahead with ordering. I also advise everyone to keep a spare adhesive in stock. (even just one of the smaller new 3 gram bottles) I cannot tell you the number of times I have helped local lash artists when they have run out of adhesive and/or you never know if you forget to put your glue away one night, you may find it needs replacing immediately. We have all done it!

Most adhesives will last up to 3 months but to be very honest if you are a busy lash artist you could be opening a new glue every 3 -4 weeks.

Thank you to Tara for giving us some fantastic tips on storing lash adhesive. If these tips have helped you, they will likely help others, so remember to share with your Lash buddies.