Beauty & The Brand Event with Roxie Resali

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LashBase recently partnered with beauty professional and salon owner, Roxie Resali, on her Beauty & The Brand event. Roxie has used LashBase for many years and this event was something we wanted to get behind and support. 

According to Roxie, “The brand [LashBase] represents the highest level of quality and excellence in the lash industry. I've been lashing for 7 years now so I've used so many LashBase products over the years and I am a huge fan! I've also been a lash educator for 5 years and use LashBase products in my student kits because they deserve the best, especially the lash trays and lifted system.”

LashBase Brand Partner, Abigail, attended the event, which aims to inspire and equip beauty professionals in building successful businesses that they are passionate about.

 “I attended the Beauty & The Brand event a few months ago, on behalf of LashBase since it was held in London and I'm based just outside the city. I must admit, I've never been to a networking event before. Finding events aimed at women in business can be tough, and the idea of attending alone was pretty daunting. But I'm so glad I made the journey for this one.

I only attended the later afternoon session, which focused on networking and chatting with other women in business. Many attendees had been there all day, listening to fabulous women speak about their businesses and experiences. When I arrived, they were running slightly overtime (which worked out well for me), so I got to hear a few of the talks. These talks were incredibly inspiring and really made me think about my own business, how I run it, and what I could do to improve based on their advice—things I'd never considered before.

I then had the pleasure of speaking to some wonderful women about the industries they're in and the businesses they run. Some were also lash techs like myself, which was lovely. It was great to connect, network, and talk about LashBase with others in the lash industry.

I walked away from the Beauty & The Brand event feeling positive, motivated, and ready to look for more events like this. It really made me want to connect with others more. Being a lash tech can be isolating at times, so it's important to push yourself out of your comfort zone and meet others. If you've been considering attending an event like this, I really urge you to go. Look out for more Beauty & The Brand events - it's so worth it!”

What is The Beauty & The Brand Event? 

Roxie Resali and Fiona O’Sullivan of The Write Field host Beauty & The Brand. The event offered a unique blend of branding and personal development strategies designed to unlock attendees' full potential in the beauty industry.

This wasn't just another branding workshop, this was positioned as a movement, redefining brand strategy specifically for the beauty industry. Their people-first approach "strategy with soul", placed a strong emphasis on personal well-being as the foundation for brand growth.

Standing Out & Building Confidence

The day focused on equipping attendees with the tools they need to differentiate themselves in a crowded market. Participants learned how to develop a unique brand voice, establish themselves as authorities in their field, and have the confidence to communicate their message clearly. Industry experts shared valuable insights on building a winning brand strategy that not only resonates with customers but also entices new clients.

Investing in You & Your Brand

Held at The Standard Hotel in London, the event provided a beautiful and inspiring setting for attendees to invest in themselves and their brands. As well as all the amazing knowledge gained, everyone received a personalised brand blueprint, access to professional brand photography, and an exclusive goody bag with partner discounts - including a bunch of goodies from LashBase!