Boost Your Business With Additional Treatments

Boost your business with additional treatments

Written by Laura Bell

Owner of Laura Bell Salon

Have you ever thought about adding other services to your treatment menu to compliment your treatment list? Or expanding your business?

By adding several additional treatments to your service list will most definitely bring in an additional income to your lash business. Now many say ‘Jack of all trades, master of none’ which to some extent can be true, however it doesn’t necessarily have to be you performing these treatments. Now depending on what your long term goals are and where you work, you will find that there are several options regarding adding extra services.

Do you work on your own, say from home or within a room in a salon under someone else’s name? Or is space limited? In this situation, I would most definitely suggest that you take a Brow Course. You won’t need much additional equipment and an eyebrow tint and shape takes approximately fifteen to twenty minutes with experience. The profit margin is high and I can guarantee your clients will repeatedly book this treatment alongside their lash infill.

To be able to sell the Brow Wax is an easy task too, with no patch test required and a simple “Are we waxing your Brows today too?” Most commonly replied with “Do they need it, go on then!” It is also a great one to add on if you are thinking about running special offers. So it’s a no brainer really, a quick treatment with a high-profit margin.

Another excellent additional service is the Lash Lift and Tint.

Not all clients are able to have Eyelash Extensions. It might be too high maintenance for them, too expensive every 3 weeks or they just might want a more natural look. With a Lash Lift they can go 6 weeks in between appointments and it is a relaxing treatment that takes 45 minutes to an hour. A great opportunity to get some Social Media done whilst it is taking too!

Here's the maths:

Brow Wax - £10
Cost to you - £1
Profit - £9
Clients per week - 10
Additional £99 per week for an extra 2.5 hours work.

Lash Lift and Tint - £40
Cost to you - £4 / £5
Profit - £35
Clients per week - 5
Additional £175 per week for an extra 5 hours work.

Do you have a larger space that you could potentially share with another therapist or would you consider offering a Gel Polish?

I started out in this industry offering Nails and years later introduced Lashes which was a perfect solution for me as I was fed up with doing Nails day in day out. Gel Polish wasn’t invented then, but now it is one of the top-selling treatments in my salon. Be warned it can become addictive just like lashes(!) but again a short treatment with a high-profit margin.

You will, however, need a nail desk or similar and an additional chair for the client and of course a selection of Gel Polishes and other various equipment. Clients will love having a natter whilst getting their nails done and then a relax whilst they have their lash infill.

So this is a treatment you can offer yourself or you can consider sharing a space with a Nail Technician.

Once again here's the maths:

Gel Polish - £25
Cost to you - £2 / £3 max depending on product
Profit - £22
Clients per week - 10
Additional £220 per week for an extra 5 hours work

So don’t get stuck in a rut or lost for ideas in expanding your business, add a new service and watch the profits grow. The opportunities are endless.

Please note that these prices vary and I have used my salon prices as an example and a guide.

Thank you to Laura Bell for taking the time to write this insightful blog on how to Boost Your Business With Additional Treatments. We hope it has helped you and given you some ideas.

You can find out more about Laura over on Instagram @laurabellsalon @laurabellacademy @laurabelllashsupplies