Can I carry out a lash lift on a pregnant client?

In todays blog we are talking about lash lifts on pregnant clients. 

Whilst regulations differ between suppliers, we thought we would put together some advice and tips and explain our guidelines when it comes to lash lifting pregnant clients. 

Firstly, you'll need to check with your insurance, however it's likely your insurance company will advise to contact your supplier. If this happens, then you'll need to contact your supplier and ask for their guidelines on lash lifting pregnant clients. 

Can I lash lift a pregnant client? 

Regulations on carrying out lash lifts on pregnant clients differ between suppliers. At LashBase our guidelines state that it is possible to complete a lash lift on a pregnant or breastfeeding client. However the decision lies on you and your client after reading about the risks involved. 

Will a pregnant client be at more risk of reaction? 

A pregnant client will experience a change in hormones which may heighten their risk of reaction. Hormone imbalance can also have an effect on the results of a lash lift, it is important to explain this, in detail, to the client. This way, the client can make an informed decision about whether to proceed with the treatment.

Pregnant and breastfeeding clients are restricted when it comes to taking prescribed medication. It is imperative that the client seeks medical advice should a reaction occur in these circumstances.  

Patch testing 

It is important to ALWAYS patch test prior to the lash lift treatment. Most insurance companies require you to carry out a patch test to help prevent an allergic reaction from occurring. A patch test must be carried out 48 hours prior to the treatment. 

How To Patch Test:

• Carry out consultation

• Always record the date of the patch test

• Record where you have placed the products (See next step)

• Place a small amount of each product to be used on either wrists, inside of elbow or behind ears and allow to dry (Tint must be mixed first)

• Always have the client sign to say they have received a patch test

• When returning for treatment make sure form is signed again and results of patch test updated .

Any reaction is likely to occur within 24 hours. Ensure the client is aware that the patch test must be left on for 24 hours, if no reaction occurs it can then be washed off. However, if a reaction occurs it should be removed immediately with water and a soothing lotion should be applied to the area. If there is any sign of redness, itching or swelling the treatment must not be carried out

Can pregnancy effect a lash lift?

Every woman has different experiences with hair growth and hair loss during pregnancy. Hormones also affect the results of a lash lift. Hormones in the body can affect how the lash lift takes, and the lashes may not lift as hoped. 

Therefore the lash lift might not last as long whilst the client is pregnant and after they've had a baby. The client may have to visit your studio more often than they may expect. So that your client is not in for a last-minute surprise, it is better to educate them about this natural change beforehand.

Remember: you are NOT medically trained to give advice on medication. Always advise your client to speak to their midwife or medical provider before having a lash treatment. Always follow your insurance guidelines. 

Treatment tips for pregnant clients 

After the first trimester (12 weeks) it is not advised for the client to lie flat on their back as it could restrict blood flow to the baby.

Things that may help:

• Placing a wedge under the right hand side tilting them slightly on to their left hand side or propping them up will help.

• Allow extra time for the treatment as breaks may be required.

• See the client more regularly for shorter periods of time.

• A post application cleansing wash may help to reduce a reaction.

We hope you found this blog post helpful. Make sure to educate your client on all the above points so they can make an informed decision about whether to have a lash lift.  Remember the decision lies on you and your client after reading about the risks involved. 

As always if you have any questions feel free to send us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_UK and we'll be happy to help.