Choosing Your Lash Business Name

You’ve completed your lash training; you’ve finished your case studies and you are fully qualified! Now comes the hard bit, starting your lash business.

Sometimes the hardest part is thinking up your business name. But it can also be one of the most exciting! Not sure where to start or how to decide on a business name? Don’t worry we are here to help. Here are some of our top tips when it comes to deciding your lash business name, which will hopefully make the process a bit easier.


Your name should reflect your brand

Sounds obvious, but your business name needs to reflect what you do/the services you offer. If you offer lash treatments, then try and incorporate ‘lashes’ into your business name. If you offer a range of beauty treatments, then try and incorporate ‘beauty’ into your name. This helps your clients (and potential clients) identify exactly what it is that you do. There are so many names to choose from but try and be unique and avoid using generic names – this will help you stand out from your competitors.


Keep it simple!

Which name seems more legit? XoXo_LashBase_19283747 or LashBase?

No prizes for getting this one right! The point we’re making is to keep your business name clean and simple. Try to avoid numbers or too many characters. This can be harder than it sounds due to the sheer number of business names already taken, but if you get it right, it can help when someone first glances at your business page.

Use this name across your social media platforms and your website. You need to ensure every platform is cohesive so clients can find you easily across all social media.

Top Tip: Make sure your business name is easy to spell and easy to remember!


Research Your Competitors' Business

Another tip is to research other lash businesses in the area. What are other salons/lash businesses called nearby? You don’t want to name your business something similar to another salon in your area as this may cause some confusion! We would also recommend getting on Google and searching salon names in your area to check to see if anyone has the same name. Doing your research will save you a lot of hassle later on!


Think about your logo

Another thing to think about when deciding on your business name, is your logo design. If you are going to have a logo will your business name easily be replicated in that logo? You want your business name to be easily identified! Too much text will make a logo hard to read, so ensure your business name can be easily replicated whilst still being on brand.

We hope you have found this blog post helpful! As always if you have any questions, then get in touch on Instagram @LashBase_UK and we’ll be happy to help.

Team LashBase x