Collaborate with Us!

At LashBase, our amazing customers are at the heart of what we do. We're constantly wowed by the stunning lash sets you create and the transformations you bring to your clients. Now, it's time to give back! We want to showcase your talent and sensational lash artistry!

Why should you collaborate with LashBase?

- Increase brand awareness

- Show your followers you use TOP QUALITY products, making you a more desirable lash artist.

- The opportunity to show the lash industry your lashing abilities.

TIP: Add your location to your captions to gain new local clients

How do you collaborate?

1. Choose the photo you want to upload. Click the 'tag people' button.

2. Tap the 'invite collaborators' button.

3. Search 'LashBase_UK' in the search bar and select the correct account.

4. Your screen will look like this once the account has been selected.

5. Turn your notifications on to see if we collab with you!collaborate with us