Elevating Your Client Experience

Creating a Luxurious Feel to your lash treatment.

A visit to the lash salon is not just about the treatment itself, in our opinion. It's an experience, a moment of self-indulgence.

Transforming your lash room/salon into a luxurious environment can elevate the overall experience for your clients and leave a lasting impression, in turn - generating more clients.

Here are some tips to help you create an experience that your clients won’t forget.

Thoughtful Interior:

The aesthetics of your lash room / salon play a significant role in creating a luxurious atmosphere. Opt for décor that reflects your salon's brand and style. Remember - first impressions count.

Top Tip: invest in good lighting in your lash room, ideally one that can be dimmed, such as: The LashBase Pro Light

The LashBase Pro Light - Accessories - LashBase Limited

Comfort is Key:

Ensure that everything is inviting for your client, from the moment they step into your salon or room, throughout the treatment, through to the moment they leave.

Our top recommendations for client comfort  are:

Ergonomic Lash Pillow - Moulds around your clients neck.

Knee Pillow - to elevate the knees to a more natural position for the spine.

ProFan - relaxing breeze, remove fumes and odours, or to indicate the end of the treatment.

FlexiBonder - to remove fumes and odours.

Consider investing in plush chairs and sofas, as well as soft cushions and throws. Clients should feel relaxed and pampered from the moment they step through your doors.

Ambiance considerations:

Engage your clients' senses with soothing aromatherapy and gentle background music. Always check with your clients that they are happy with the choice of music - after all ‘relaxing melodies’ aren’t for everyone. 

Which leads us on to…

Personalised Services:

Luxury is often associated with exclusivity. Something you could consider is offering personalised services - consult with your client beforehand to understand their needs & wants, desires & expectations, in order to give them the best experience and results.

Remember to listen thoroughly and take notes should you need to. 

Premium Product Selection:

Now this is where we should suggest you spend all your money here at LashBase, but the truth is, products are down to personal preference for you as a lash artist and for your clients.

But something to consider is buying cheap is not always best. Reputable companies such as LashBase offer products that have been extensively tested and are safe.

Attention to Detail:

Small details can make a big difference. Pay attention to the small things such as how you serve refreshments.

Which of the below is more inviting and memorable?

glass of lemon water

Providing refreshments adds an extra touch of hospitality and indulgence to their salon visit.

In conclusion, turning your salon into a more luxurious environment involves a combination of aesthetics, comfort, personalised service, and attention to detail.

By carefully curating every aspect of your lash salon/room, you can create a haven where clients feel pampered, relaxed, and eager to return for their next lash experience.