My Pro Made Top Tips

I decided to write a little blog on Pro Made Lash Fans with my tips and advice on using them, which ones I use, lash placement, adhesive usage and aftercare! I have also included some photos of my favourite lash sets using LashBase Promades. 

The lash industry has changed massively when it comes to using Pre/Pro Made Fans. They are now widely used across the lash community and the quality of Pre/Pro Mades has improved significantly over the years. I have been lashing for 4 years now and I've always and still only use Pro Mades for all my lash sets. 

I tend to stick with using 6D Pro Mades for my Hybrid sets and 10D Pro Mades for my volume sets. I love the simplicity and lightweight results the 6D's give my Hybrids. They always look so fluffy and beautiful and with the right balance and a good set of healthy naturals, the 6D's have given me some of my best results. 

My favourite style to do is a Cat Eye. 

To create the Cat Eye lash look, I would use 6D CC Curl for lengths 8-12 and then I would transition into 8D or 10D D Curl and go up 2 lengths, so in this case I would use a 14 for the ends. This gives that dramatic cat eye flick. 

Here's an example of a Cat Eye lash map I use:


The 10D's are amazing and both myself and my clients love the dark, full and dense lash line the 10D's  give my volume sets. The more natural lashes a client has, the darker and fuller the volume set will be. I like to work in layers as this gives a beautiful neat top line. It also makes the sets look fuller too. 

Here's an example of an Open Eye lash map I would use for a volume set:

(I only stick to using 9’s for the inner and outer sections and gradually work in layers placing different lengths across the rest of the set) 

If you're used to making your own fans then you'll usually only use a minimal amount of adhesive, however I've found with Pro Mades, using slightly more adhesive is best but still taking care not to use too much. The base needs a nice coating of adhesive on about 1/3 of the lash. I use Supreme Adhesive (0.5-1 second drying time).

Make sure to ALWAYS remember to go through your sets when you're finished to make sure there are no stickies. I always like to go back through with my tweezers at the end making sure none have got stuck together and unstick any that have. This is a really important step as stickies can be uncomfortable for the client and can damage the health of the natural lashes. 

Placement of the Pro Made Fan can be placed on top, underneath or either side of the natural lash. I change my placement according to the natural lash, for example, the direction of the natural lash or how curly/straight the natural lash is will determine how I place the extension onto it. 

You want to be sure you have a good surface of natural lash to place the Pro Made on, to ensure a flat and flush attachment. Doing this with each and every lash placement will guarantee you have done your part correctly to ensure your clients have great retention. Make sure to give your clients all the correct aftercare advice and explain to them the importance of lash cleaning and giving you the opportunity to retail a Lash Shampoo to them. 

LashBase have just released a new and improved Lash Shampoo. Which is longer lasting, softer, foamier and with added collagen to promote eye health! You can shop it here - I cannot wait to try it! The new formula is available in both bottles and sachets so perfect for using during your prep routine, retailing to clients or purchasing for your aftercare kits.

Here are some of my favourite lash sets I've done using LashBase Promades. 


I hope this blog of my Pro Made Top Tips helps and my inbox is always open for any questions at all. From help with products or advice in general. Happy to help with anything I can. 

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