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We love it when lash industry experts get their hands on our products and give us a good, honest review. At the end of the day, we want to give our customers the best of the best, so if something doesn't hit the mark (which doesn't happen a lot!) we want to hear about it and make changes. 

On today’s blog, we are looking at our lash lift kit - Lifted. Our 3 step system to lovely lifted lashes - perfect for those clients who want more of a natural look.


Lash Mother Uli

Lash Mother Uli is a Lash Lift Master, Educator and Salon Owner with over 15 years experience in the industry. Uli mastered volume lash extensions and lash lifting and tinting in Russia. She also worked in top salons and fashion shows, so she really knows her stuff.


We sent Lash mother Uli a lash lifting kit with a huge selection of products, including Lifted. Because of this, she couldn’t review everything, however, she did review the essential lash lifting products - so let’s get into it!

Starting with the Lifted. cleansing pads. These lash cleansing pads gently remove protein and make-up from the eyelashes and brows and according to Uli, they are easy to use and can be used as a standalone lash cleanser or after shampooing. “I really liked the pads”. 

Next up, lash lifting shields. This is the only product she wasn’t too keen on. Described as a basic doll style lash shield, she swapped them out for her own. On this note, we do have new shields coming very soon so keep your eyes peeled!

Onto the Lifted adhesive, Uli noted that it was a great, classic glue for lash lifts and had no issues with the application or keeping the lashes on the shield. This step is vital for a beautiful lash lift so we made sure that Lifted includes the best products for this!

Lifted - Lash Lift Solution

The Lifted. solutions came next. Noting that step 1’s dosage was 0.8ml not 0.5ml which is what the standard is, she said that it is thioglycolic acid based and quite gentle, with a 10-15 min developing time. Followed by step 2 which is hydrogen peroxide-based - the classic lash lift ingredients. Uli described the solutions as not too runny and not too thick which she liked and made them perfect to work with.

Step 3, which seals the lash with Keratin and Collagen Protein and ensures the hairs are protected after treatment, is generally applied after step 2 (or tinting if you are tinting the lashes). In the review treatment, Lash mother Uli commented that it has great ingredients and then applied step 3 with a lash spoolie on already washed lashes and with that, finished the treatment with BEAUTIFUL results.

Lifted - Lash Lift BeforeLifted - Lash Lift After


Overall, Lash Mother Uli highly recommends the Lifted. lash lift kit and described the products as medium range, not so stinky, and a great brand. The expert has spoken - now you know what to do!

Lifted - Lash Lift from LashBase

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