Lash Shed Season - Unlock the truths

A much talked about subject which comes up at the same time twice a year and a question that asked a lot it: ‘is lash shedding season real’?

We wanted to cover the subject to give you the information you need to enable you to make your own decision based on the truths.

Before we get into the facts, we just want to explain...

What is seasonal lash shedding?

Seasonal Lash Shedding, also known as lash extensions shedding, refers to the natural and cyclical process in which eyelashes fall out and regrow in a predictable pattern throughout the year. It is believed by some that during spring and autumn there is an increase in lash shedding.

In recent years the topic has been a hot one, with many lash artists, lash suppliers and people alike disputing claims that seasonal lash shedding is a ‘real thing’.

Below we have listed some truths which will hopefully help you come to your own conclusion as to whether lash retention is worse in shedding season months:

Lash Shed Truths

  • On average, we shed 5-7 lashes every single day meaning 35-49 lashes per week. This is considered normal, healthy lash shedding.
  • Shedding of hair is common in various mammals (not all) which happens due to changes in air temperature and sunlight exposure.
  • Five independent studies support the notion that hair shedding increases in late Summer and Autumn for humans.
  • A variety of factors can contribute to shedding patterns including melatonin, testosterone, thyroid hormones and prolactin.

The shedding of lashes is a normal and essential part of the lash growth cycle, ensuring the renewal of older lashes and the continuous growth of new ones. Whilst there is not enough evidence to support or refute claims, we know lash shedding occurs and it may be more noticeable during certain times of the year due to environmental and physiological factors. It's important to understand that an increase in the lash cycle may also be due to other factors beyond our control as lash artists.

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