How to Practice Lash Extensions From Home

As a lash artist, you'll know that sometimes you have super busy periods when you can barely squeeze in client and other times when you're really quiet. 

Right now, is one of those quieter times, however you can still be productive and use this time to practice and perfect your lash skills!  

Here’s our tips on how to practice lash extensions at home.

You don’t necessarily need to be in a salon or your lash studio to work on your lashing skills. By using a few household items you can improve your technique and practice your lash extension skills in the comfort of your own home!

Tip 1 – Practice on a Mannequin Head

If you don’t have any housemates or family members at home with you, then the next best thing is to practice lashing on a mannequin head. Practicing on a mannequin creates a similar situation to practicing on a real person. By using a mannequin head, you can work on your posture, your position and find a way to lash that’s comfortable for you. Remember to keep your back straight, stretch in between, put your legs underneath the lash bed and rest your arms in a comfortable position.

Tip 2 – Practice on a Sponge

If you struggle to attaching lash extensions to the base of a natural lash then practicing on a sponge is a great way to improve your technique.

When working with a sponge, you have easy access to practice your lash direction placement, as well as the symmetry of volume fans. Start slow so you can get your technique right, then increase your speed as you get more confident.

Tip 3 – Practice on Hair

The hair on your head is a similar texture to natural eyelashes – so it makes a great tool for practicing lash wrapping!

Here’s what you need to do:

  • Pull a strand of your hair out. (Or snip one out)
  • Grab a cup/mug and make sure you are working somewhere that has good lighting.
  • Tape your hair across the top of the cup/mug
  • Start fanning!

This method is a great way to practice adhesive usage. You’ll develop better control over how much adhesive to use to bond with real hair. You’ll also develop your skills on how long to hold the extension to the natural lash before letting go and releasing.

Remember: Just because you don't have clients, it doesn't mean your business has to stop! 

You can still build your lash business from home: you just need to practice! 

We hope this blog has been helpful! As always if you have any questions drop us a DM on Instagram and we'll be happy to help. 

Team LashBase x