Looking after Lashes in the Sun

If your clients are hitting the beach or the pool this summer with lovely lash extensions or a lash lift, don't let the sunshine and pool dips ruin their looks! Here are some tips to give to your clients on how to keep their eyelash extensions and lash lifts looking fresh throughout their entire holiday.

Pre-Holiday Prep:

Timing is Key! Try and get your clients to get a fresh set of extensions or a lash lift 48hrs before travelling. This ensures they're looking their best and minimises the need for infills while they're away but also allows time for the lashes to ‘set’ without heat and water exposure straight away.

At this point it’s a good idea to book their infill appointment for when they get back. Schedule the follow-up lash appointment to maintain their lovely lash sets - obviously this will depend on how long they are away for.

Lash maintenance tips for your clients on holiday:

  • Oil-Free. Avoid oil-based sunscreens and tanning products. Oil can break down the adhesive that keeps your extensions in place. Opt for a lightweight, water-resistant, oil-free sunscreen specifically formulated for the face.
  • Cleanse, cleanse, cleanse! Sweat and sunscreen can build up around your lashes. Gently cleanse them twice a day with a lash cleanser and a lash brush. This keeps them clean and prevents irritation. Our aftercare kits are a great option to retail to your clients.
  • Beware of the pool! Chlorine can loosen lash extensions. Avoid strong jets of water directly on your face. If swimming in a pool (underwater), consider wearing goggles for added protection or swim at the beach instead.
  • Pat, Don't Rub. After swimming or showering, gently pat your lashes dry with a clean, lint-free towel, rubbing can cause them to fall out prematurely. Use the brush to detangle and keep them neat.

TLC for Lash Lifts:

  • Minimise Mascara Use: Lash lifts enhance natural lashes, so the goal is to avoid mascara. However, if you do choose to use it, opt for a water-based formula and avoid applying it directly to the base of your lashes. Do not use waterproof mascara.
  • Keep your lashes moisturised. Get a good conditioning lash serum or lightweight oil to condition your lashes - the sun and water exposure will dry them out so its important to keep them well nourished.
  • Sleep on Your Back: This helps prevent your lashes from rubbing against your pillow, which can cause them to lose their curl.

ESSENTIAL TIP: Pack a lash brush to keep lashes tidy and separated throughout the day. Also if you're in the sun, wear sunglasses! This will protect your lashes from the heat.

By getting your clients to follow these simple tips, they can enjoy stunning lashes all through their sunny getaway and you will have less issues to deal with when they come back for their infills.