National Lash Tech Price Increase Educational Campaign

Let's get into the background of this whole educational campaign.

Here in the UK, we know the struggle is real. Compared to the US, UK lash techs are significantly undervalued, often earning way less than minimum wage for the creativity, skill and dedication they bring to every lash set.

This isn't about getting rich and there’s no “date” to take action – it's about getting educated and building a sustainable business. We wanted to create a platform that empowered you to raise your prices with confidence if you wish, without the fear of losing clients holding you back.

Raising prices alone can feel daunting as losing clients and justifying an increase in this economic climate is a real worry. But here was the magic: when we get together as a lash tech community to get educated on our businesses, that fear disappears.

Understanding your business finances and appropriately charging would set a new standard, one that your clients will respect. It's about creating a new normal for the lash industry – rates that reflect the skill, dedication, and artistry behind those gorgeous lash sets you create.

This movement was about more than just a pay check. It's about building a business that supports you and your future.

Why should you consider a price increase?

  • Living wage, not minimum wage. Many lash techs struggle to make ends meet. This campaign isn't about luxury, it's about affording a basic standard of living.
  • Financial understanding. Understanding your business finances is crucial for success. We'll provide resources to help you take control and secure your future.
  • Growth on your terms. Limited income often restricts business growth. Raising prices will open doors to hiring staff, renting a salon, and investing in top-tier products and marketing – taking your lash business to the next level.
  • UK Lash Industry boost. The UK lash industry lags behind others globally. Better pay for lash techs will fuel innovation, education, and overall growth in the industry.

How can we help?

This campaign is about education and empowerment. Simply raising prices isn't enough without a solid understanding of your business. Don't be left in the dark! We'll help you understand your income and expenses, putting you in control of your finances.

Our support system is here for you every step of the way. We are working with industry experts to bring you the best resources and knowledge. People like Lis Reynolds - LashBase Brand Partner and Owner of Lash Life and many others. We'll provide social media graphics, client communication templates, and even masterclasses to help you confidently asses and potentially increase your treatment rates should you feel you need to.

The Future of Lashing in the UK

Without change, the UK professional lash industry faces an uncertain future. But together, we can create a thriving environment where lash techs are valued for their expertise.

Join the Movement!

Let's take control and build a future where UK lash techs are celebrated and fairly paid for their talent. Start by understanding your perfect customer and your finances – it's the foundation for a successful business. And remember we’re here with you every step of the way, cheering you on as you elevate your lash business.