PROeffect+ as a quick lash treatment

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Can you sell PROeffect+ as a treatment?

Although PROeffect+ are great DIY lashes for people who don’t have time to go to the salon and need a quick glam-up, they are also a great opportunity to offer clients a speedy lash service for that one event they have coming up, or their weekend away. They last up to 7 days so can be offered as a ‘weekly lash’ service. We suggest pricing this treatment at £15-£20 but it's really down to you!

Proeffect DIY lashes

PROeffect+ are the perfect alternative to lash extensions therefore they are ideal for numerous reasons and a no-brainer as an added extra to your current treatment/ lash menu, here are just a few reasons we love them!

  • Great for MUAs and a perfect addition for prom and weddings as they last longer than the regular strip lash. 
  • Ideal for clients who can't have lash extensions due to allergies.
  • A quick 15-minute treatment to offer clients who struggle to sit still or don't have time to allocate to a full lash appointment.
  • Perfect for busy lash artists when you don't have the time to get your own lashes done. 
  • A great treatment and product to retail for clients going on holiday or for a special occasion. 
  • You do not need an extra qualification to apply PROeffect+ lashes.

Can I retail the lashes to my clients?

Absolutely! PROeffect+ lash kits are great for clients who want to achieve that lash extension look at home. We recommend retailing a "kit" (3x trays, 1x lash bond, 1x applicator) to your clients for around £40-£50.  

If you sell PROeffect+ as a treatment, you can also retail the PROeffect+ remover as a little extra for easy removal at home. We recommend retailing this for £10-£15.

Please note: As this is an oil-based makeup remover, we do not recommend using it with normal lash extensions. 

If you have any questions, please ping us a message on Instagram @LashBase_uk - we’ll be there to help! x