The Difference Between Enhance & LBX Collection.

Are you a fan of our LBX Collection Lashes? If so, there are some new lashes which have just arrived in the industry, which we think you should try!

Here’s a little information about how LBX Collection Lashes and Enhance Lashes are made for different lash styles. 

We believe that the new Enhance Lashes are quite simply, the future of LashBase. 

We understand that it can be hard to say goodbye to No. 1 Premium Lashes but be assured that we are confident enough in Enhance Lashes as being the peak of lash extension manufacturing. 

Wanna hear a few key features? 

  • The lash tray is completely recyclable. 
  • The tray features a foldable side panel, providing easy strip removal. 
  • Foil-backed strips. 
  • Mixed trays have 25% more lashes than before. 
  • 2mm sticky strip to make fanning simpler (all techniques).

And that’s just the packaging! Now for the lashes...

Enhance Lashes are ultra-matte, meaning they absorb light and provide a dense, darker appearance - no more plastic-looking classics! They use treated, high-end PBT materials and an improved taper of the fibre, making them extra soft and light. I could go on with more benefits of the collection, but I will save you time and share one more...the lashes feature strong curls that do NOT drop. 

If you don’t believe it from us, view our latest Enhance video to see what our testers have to say.

To compare the new Enhance Collection to our well-loved LBX Collection, LBX Collection lashes are true black, however have a mid-range matte finish. Whereas Enhance has an ultra-matte finish, meaning they appear darker and do not reflect light. 

With consistent, long-lasting curls and the highest quality raw materials (PBT), you will see some similarities between Enhance and LBX. Both can help improve the quality of work of any lash artist, whether you’re a beginner or a master. 

Another difference, which we feel is noticeable when looking at the product online, is that with Enhance, Mixed Trays have 25% more lashes than before. By including more product, you can achieve more lash looks!

By comparing one lash collection to another, you can see that both feature our high-quality standard, 2mm strip for easy fan making and cardboard trays for reduced environmental waste. 

Are you going to try the new Enhance Collection? Let us know what you think!


LBX Collection


Ultra Matte

Available in 0.03 - 0.20 thickness

Cardboard tray

Long lasting curl

Made to make fanning simpler (all techniques)

Absorbs light

Side panel for easy strip removal

Foil-backed strips

True black colour


Take a look at the difference in curl: