Why should I use Pro Made Lash Fans?

Pro Made lash fans are a very popular product from LashBase and also in the world of eyelash extensions. While the hand-made fan technique is still a very valuable skill to have as a lash artist, Pro Made fans have a few advantages that benefit both you as a lash artist, and your clients.

Benefits for Lash Artists:

  • Increased Efficiency: Using Pro Mades means you don’t have to create each individual fan, which really reduces appointment times. This allows you to see more clients in a day or even offer shorter lashing appointments at a more affordable price.
  • Consistency & Quality: Pro Mades are made by skilled professionals, ensuring consistent fan sizes and shapes. This can help give a more uniform look and reduces the risk of unevenness or inconsistencies in lash sets.
  • Reduced Strain: Creating fans can be time-consuming and can strain the hands and wrists. Using Pro Mades reduces this strain, allowing you to work comfortably for longer.
  • Learning: Pro Mades can be a helpful tool for new lash artists to learn proper placement and application techniques before mastering the hand-made fan technique.

Benefits for Clients:

  • Faster Appointments: Reduced application time means shorter appointments, making the process more convenient for any of your clients who have busy schedules.
  • Reduced Cost: This is down to the lash artists' discretion, but shorter appointments can potentially lead to lower costs for clients, making the service more affordable.
  • Consistent Results: Clients can expect consistent lash sets with each appointment because of the uniformity of Pro Made fans.
pro made lash fan

It's important to note:

  • While Pro Mades offer many benefits, they are not a substitute for proper training and technique. Lash artists using Pro Mades should still get a strong understanding of lash application and proper bonding techniques for lash fans.
  • Consider that Pro Mades may not be suitable for all clients or desired lash sets. Clients with very specific needs or preferences may benefit more from hand-made fan techniques as you can customise the set a lot more.

Ultimately, the choice between Pro Mades and hand-made fans depends on the individual lash artist's skill level, preferences, and the specific needs of the client. If you are strapped for time, Pro Mades are a great alternative to hand making your volume fans. The choice is yours!