Primer, Cleaner & Accelerator


Our Primer, Cleaner & Accelerator is best for removing oil and residue before the lash extension treatment begins! 

Use as part of your pre-treatment routine to clean the natural lashes, and work from optimal surface conditions. Our Primer works with all lash glues but is perfect for use with our range of LashBase adhesives. 

The small bottleneck reduces spillage and allows for the insertion of a microfibre brush. 

Use the Primer in two ways:

To clean and sterilise the lashes before the lash extension treatment begins. Using a microfibre brush, apply the Primer along the natural lash line. 

This Primer is also great to use as an adhesive accelerator. Simply apply the primer to the base of the strip of lashes, allow to completely dry (may take up to 2 minutes), brush through and then continue as normal.  A well-prepared surface will speed up the drying time of adhesives.

Should I use a Primer and LashNeutral? 

No. There is such a thing as over dehydrating the natural lash resulting in a weak adhesive bond and poor retention. Pre-treatments should be used on clients with retention issues or those with oily natural lashes.

Our Primer, Cleanser, and Accelerator is a must for clients with oily lashes! 

The bottle contains 10ml.

Primer, Cleaner & Accelerator SDS

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