3M Micropore Tape



Soft, flexible, easy to use, and holds adhesive drops without spreading. 

  • An essential product for your lash extension kit and a must-have for every lash artist. 
  • Provides some extra help when securing eye pads in place.
  • Great to adjust clients' eyelids to get a better view of the lash line. 
  • Soft, flexible, and easy to use. 
  • Holds adhesive drops without spreading.  

Cut the tape to your desired length using our straight scissors for straight strips. 

Product details: 

  • Genuine 3M
  • Available in 12mm or 25mm  
  • Soft, flexible, and easy to use. 

Use our Micropore Tape during the treatment to tape eyelids, to improve the visibility of the lash line. Watch our demonstration video here. 

3M Micropore Tape SDS

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