Advance Lash Adhesive 1 second


Our new adhesive range is more flexible throughout a wider range of environmental conditions.

It’s also longer lasting. Get a new adhesive bottle once you notice a change in the adhesives viscosity and/or behaviour. If stored correctly, tests have shown to work well up to 3 months after opening. Lasts 12 months unopened from date of manufacturing.

Replace adhesive dot once adhesive becomes stringy or bond strength changes. Tests have show it is possible to use the same adhesive dot for 60+ mins (in optimal conditions).

All LashBase adhesives are humidity resistant and water resistant and latex free.

Minimal vapours, but smell will become stronger in higher humidity.

Registered and compliant with all UK/EU regulations and safety assessed by a UK based independent toxicologist post manufacturing.

NEW SEALED NOZZLES. An added layer of protection so that you can confidently stock up on enough adhesive to last a year.Please note: Our other range of lash adhesive still come unsealed, for now.

Adhesive Specifications:


15 to 35 (19-24 is optimal)


15% to 85% (40%-70% is optimal)


In optimal conditions: 1-2 seconds

Lower than 15% humidity: 4-5 seconds (weaker bond)

15-25% humidity: 3-4 seconds

25-40% humidity: 2-3 seconds

40-70% humidity (optimal): 1-2 seconds

Higher than 70% humidity: 0.5-1 seconds (weaker bond)

Temperature will also affect performance. The hotter it is, the faster it will set. The cooler it is, the slower it will set.


Thin (based on 55% humidity and 21 degrees temp)

Adhesive will thicken if the liquid is too cold and can become watery if liquid temperature is too warm.

Advance Lash Adhesive 1-2 seconds MSDS

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