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Our Ultra Soft Camellia Lashes are different length lashes purposely mixed on the strip in 1mm increments to improve the speed and quality of your lash fans. Made from the highest quality PBT material with a beautiful semi-matte finish 16 strips per box, 3 lengths in each box. Each strip has approximately 250 lashes so that’s about 4000 mixed-length lashes in one box so one tray will go further than other brands that offer less. 

  • Available in 1mm increments to give a more natural fan.
  • Available in 0.05mm & 0.07mm meaning bigger fans are welcomed and encouraged.
  • Improved fibres.

Length Options: (6-7-8), (8-9-10), (9-10-11), (10-11-12), (11-12-13), (13-14-15)

The mixed tray which contains :  (6-7-8) x 2, (8-9-10) x 3, (9-10-11) x 3, (10-11-12) x 3, (11-12-13) x 3 , (13-14-15) x 2

Top Tip: Note: When taking lashes from the tray, lift the lashes/fans towards you and not away to ensure perfect fan removal.

  • 100% Synthetic Material
  • Not tested on animals
  • Vegan Friendly
  • Perfect for Volume Lash Artists/Volume lash extensions.
  • Ideal to use with either our Supreme or Extreme Plus adhesives.
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Remember: To stop adhesive travelling up your fans, simply apply PerfectFan across the lash extension strip 1mm from the base. Re-apply when your fans start to misbehave again! Finish your set with FlexiBonder to create flexible bonds and improve client retention.

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