Enhance Collection Lashes 0.12mm


Enhance Collection Lashes 0.12mm

Enhance is the peak of lash extension manufacturing. The lashes feature an ultra-matte appearance, meaning that each lash works to absorb light, providing a dense, darker appearance. This works to erase the plastic look some lashes can have. 

Looking for the best lashes to use for lash extensions? Take a look at more benefits of the Enhance Collection below.

Mix Tray Lengths

  • B Curl - 7-13mm
  • C Curl - 7-13mm
  • CC Curl - 8-14mm
  • D Curl - 8-15mm

Enhance Collection Key Features:

  • Ultra-matte appearance.
  • Shorter lengths for inners, bottoms, and those who like a shorter lash style. 
  • High-quality treated PBT (holds curl).
  • Strong curls (see chart).
  • Soft and light lashes.
  • 2mm sticky strip.
  • Silicone adjusted making the fanning process simpler. 

Packaging Key Features:

  • The lash tray is recyclable. 
  • The tray features a foldable side panel, providing easy strip removal. 
  • Foil-backed strips. 
  • Mixed trays have 25% more lashes than before. 
  • 2mm sticky strip, making fanning techniques simpler (all techniques).
  • Label across the strip.

Enhance uses treated, high-end PBT materials and an improved taper of the fiber, making them extra soft and light. If you don't believe it from us, take a look at what our testers think!

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Take a look at the YouTube video below to see just how matte the Enhance Collection is when compared to our LBX Collection. 

With curls that do NOT drop and labels included across the strip, the application process is easier, with higher quality results. 

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