LashBase Lash Pillow & Knee Pillow


The perfect bundle for keeping your clients happy and comfortable during those longer treatments. ⁣⁣

The Knee Pillow allows both legs to be elevated when lying down on a lash bed. Having your client's legs elevated helps relieve any lower back pressure, reduce any discomfort and help improve circulation. The wedge shape slots perfectly under the knees and is made of memory foam, so it will retain its shape when in use. ⁣

The Lash Pillow is designed to provide optimal spinal support by maintaining natural spinal curvature. The rounded center cavity gently cradles the head with elongated side panels, perfect for supplies. Ergonomically designed to provide maximum comfort to the neck, back and shoulders during your lash procedure.⁣

LashBase’s Lash Pillow Covers can be purchased separately and are machine washable and available in 4 colours; Black, Hot Pink, Pale Pink & White⁣.

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