Premium Shaped Eye Pads


Premium Shaped Eye Pads 

Our Premium Shaped Eye Pads are one of our best sellers and our most popular Eye Pads. They are specifically designed and shaped to provide a more comfortable and neater fit around the eye. They can be used with either the thin side towards the nose or towards the ear. 

  • 10 Pairs 
  • Our most popular Eye Pads 
  • Comfortable and neat fit 
  • Contains Aqua, Glycerin, Sodium Polyacrylate & Sodium Carbomer

Eye Pads are a must-have for any lash extension treatment and applying them correctly is key. 

The correct Eye Pad application will make for easier application, prevent irritation and chemical burns. If the Eye Pads move during the treatment, your client could risk a chemical burn.

Remember: Eye Pads should cover all lower lashes and should be placed 0.5mm-1mm away from the waterline not blocking the glands or touching the eye when the eye is closed.

Discover our full Eye Pad range on the LashBase blog and learn more about the options we have available. 


Premium Shaped Eye Pads SDS

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