Pro Made Fan Storage Box


The perfect accessory for storing your lash fans. Whether that's your handmade fans or our PRO MADE range.

Create your own mixed length lash fan boxes to speed up your appointment time.

Did you know: Many of your lash idols actually pre-make their fans to save time at appointments. The technique has been coined “crystallizing” and is such a great timesaver.

This little box also works as the perfect extra for training kits so that students have somewhere to place their fans.

You may have heard of pre-made fans, but these are for pro-made fans (fans made by you, the pro)!

16 rows
Space for up to 30 fans per strip
Stickiness guaranteed as each strip has a protective layer.
Foil Strips which can be reused.
Size: 10 cm x 15 cm

Keep closed when not in use to prolong the stickiness of the strip.


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