RefectoCil Blonde Brow


RefectoCil Blonde Brow To lighten eyebrows up to 3 shades!

1. To lighten untreated eyebrows
Clients with dyed blond hair, whose natural colour is black or brown, will be surprised! In the past “false blonds” could easily be identified, because of the too prominent or dark eyebrows. This belongs to the past now! From now on eyebrows can be lightened with RefectoCil Blonde Brow up to 3 shades and by this matched perfectly with the shade of bleached/dyed blond head hair.

2. To lighten before a tint
Often the natural eyebrow colour is too dark for the desired tint colour. By lightning eyebrows with Blonde Brow and then following with a tint, various colour results (even lighter tints) can be achieved.

3. To be able to tint grey, white or bristly eyebrows
These types of eyebrows are often not able to take up the tint due to their special structure. Lightening the untreated hair with RefectoCil Blonde Brow first, allows for a tint afterwards.

RefectoCil Blonde Brow SDS

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