The LashBase Handheld Shaker


The LashBase Handheld Shaker.

The LashBase Handheld Shaker shakes lash adhesive in seconds ensuring all adhesive ingredients are properly mixed before you start your lash extension treatment.

Shaking your adhesive is a vital part of your lash extension treatment. You need to ensure all adhesive ingredients are properly mixed before you begin lashing. By using the LashBase Handheld Shaker your lash adhesive will be ready to use in a matter of seconds!

The LashBase Handheld Shaker takes away the stress and ensures your adhesive performs at its best. Our LashBase Handheld Shaker works with all lash adhesive lids. 

This product contains:

  • The LashBase Handheld Shaker
  • 2 x Attachments

 Please note: Batteries ARE NOT included

This product requires 2 x AAA batteries.

  Why do you I need to shake my adhesive?

We talk about the importance of shaking your adhesive all the time, but we have a good reason. If you don’t shake your adhesive like vigorously shake your adhesive, the ingredients inside will not mix properly. If the ingredients do not mix properly the adhesive will not work as it's supposed to. This will then mean poor retention for your clients and their lashes.

 How do I assemble my adhesive shaker?

If you need some help on how to put together your new LashBase Handheld Shaker, watch our product demonstration video here.

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