You’ve started your journey towards making your lash artist dreams turn into a reality but are you struggling to take a plunge, dive into the deep end and make those final decisions. Before you get started, let us give you some advice that as professionals wish we knew before we started. We have put together a helpful blog post of all our best tips and tricks on how to invest in yourself and your business as a lash artist. Investing not only links to money and business success, it also refers to time, effort and being passionate about everything you do, which will have a positive result on your life now and in return impact your successes in the future, our most important lesson is to INVEST IN YOURSELF.

You can never stop learning, so never underestimate the power of knowledge. Attending courses both online and in person, workshops, reading, researching, welcoming challenges, expanding your awareness all help furthering your knowledge and experiences within the industry. Engaging in personal growth may give you the opportunity to improve your outlook on life and attitude towards business. 

Knowing your trade inside and out will help you develop as a lash artist and will also aid you when it comes to customer enquiries as you will appear more professional which will encourage loyalty and trust between you and the client.
If you’d like to further your training, head on over to 'Find A trainer' where we have a list of affiliate trainers across the UK!

We recommend attending lash events or watch webinars over Instagram whenever you can! This will further your skillset, increase your knowledge and expertise which can all contribute to a more satisfying and fulfilling career. 

Remember, someone is LITERALLY wearing your work, so prioritising finding quality products will be one of the biggest assets to success as a lash artist. You don’t have to buy EVERYTHING, keep it basic, just ensure you have the essentials. Never buy stock from an unofficial retailer or unknown website, we all receive those SPAM Instagram messages trying to plug a “Hot New Glue” but stay away, ALWAYS do your research.

Some of our most popular products which we recommend to all lash artists as the “Basic essentials” to start up your salon include 

Or get all your essentials in one place with a lash kit, this is a great way to save time and money when you are starting out and gives you a basis of what you may need in the future. 

Stop thinking your fellow lash artists are a threat, REMEMBER women empower women. Being self-employed has its difficulties, it can be incredibly isolating when you’re working solo which overtime can become incredibly demanding and test your mental health, feeling like you are surrounded by competition puts up a boundary towards success and leaves you constantly questioning your worth and ability. Start reaching out, ask for advice, communicate and work with local lash techs, follow accounts which motivate, inspire and offer support, create group chats to keep connected to your local lash gang! In return this will broaden your mindset and help you discover what works best for you and your business with the support of other experts, leaving you feeling less alone when making difficult decisions or having a full on day with difficult clients.

We hope this blog post has been helpful, keep updated with the latest goings on, tips and tricks and head over to our Instagram account for more information!