Considerations when picking a Lash Adhesive

Written by Julie Sandy of Salon 25 Lashes

Whether you are new to the lash industry or very experienced, the right adhesive can make or break the success of your work.

Things to consider when choosing the right one for you:

Curing speed

This is the time you have from dipping the lash into the glue and applying it to the natural lash. If you find lashes are 'brushing off' after application, then it may be that your current adhesive is too fast so you should consider trying a slower setting one - even if only 1/2 seconds.

Eyelash Extension Glue

Fume / Odour

Working with the glue day in day out, check out how strong the odour is. Adhesives have come so far and often the newer faster ones have a lower odour/fume.

Black / Clear

Black can create a denser, darker lash line, also making dipping and the amount you use easier to see, whereas clear will give you a cleaner, finer looking bonding area and is ideal if working with light or coloured lashes.

Viscosity - Thin or thick

Do you like a thicker consistency or prefer it to be super thin??? Thicker can sometimes result in more 'stickies', whereas thinner can be easier to use but very fast drying.


Super important when choosing which adhesive as a warmer room with higher humidity will mean that your glue will cure more quickly, whereas a colder environment with low humidity can mean the glue can take longer to cure and slow you down.

Consider using a Hygrometer to gauge both the temperature and humidity.

Always shake your glue vigorously before using, wipe the nozzle every time it's opened and write the date you opened the bottle.
Lash Adhesive Wipes
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