Everything you need to know about Lifted. Pro

We launched our Lifted. Range back in 2020 and we’ve learned a lot over time on how to best produce, good quality and affordable lash lift products. Now we have Lifted. Pro, let's take the time to talk through some FAQs about the product!
Lifted. Pro Lash Lift

What is Lifted. Pro? Lifted. Pro is the fastest setting system in the lash industry! It is specially formulated, and exclusive to LashBase. We designed the Lifted. Pro range with professionals in mind to allow for a quicker lifting process!

How does Lifted. Pro work? The lift allows the lashes to curl naturally around the contour of the shield. The Lash Lift perming lotion works as a curling agent and softener so the hairs can be lifted and molded into a new shape around the shield. If you prefer you can also dispense onto a microfiber brush as an alternative application method. 

lifted pro lash lift

How many treatments can you carry out? Our Lifted. Pro sachets can be used up to 3 treatments per sachet! 

How much would Lifted. Pro cost per treatment? Lifted. sachets cost approx 50p per treatment. This is an average cost that can be subject to different conditions and treatment variables. 

What is the shelf life of Lifted. Pro? If stored correctly, the sachets will last up to 2 weeks once opened. Unopened and stored in a cool dry place, can last up to a year! 

Should I patch test if I already use Lifted.? Yes, there are different levels of ingredients in the Lifted. Pro and the regular Lifted. Just place a small dot of product that will be used on either the wrists, or inside of the elbow, and allow it to dry (Make sure to apply tint mixed). We advise re-patch testing with Lifted. every 6 months. Patch tests need to be carried out 48 hours prior to treatment... This is why this is the perfect lifting tool to keep in your lash trolley!  

Can I use Lifted. Pro for Brow Lamination? Unfortunately Lifted. Pro is too strong to use directly on skin, but don’t worry we still stock our regular Lifted. sachets that are PERFECT for brow laminations!

Can I still purchase Lifted. Steps 1, 2 & 3 Sachets?  Of course! This is not a replacement for Lifted. Steps 1, 2 & 3  - this is an additional product in the Lifted. range aimed towards expert lash artists who are wanting to work with quicker developing solution. 

We hope that this gives you some extra information on our new Lifted. Pro and we hope you give it a try! Get in touch with us over on Instagram if you have any questions (@LashBase_UK) we are always happy to help!


If you would like to try the Lifted. or Lifted. Pro 3 Step system, use the code LIFTME for your free sample!