Eyelash Extension Tweezer FAQs

Eyelash extension tweezers are super important to get right when it comes to lashing. Without them, you can't do your job and you need to be comfortable when you’re working for around 1-2hrs on a lash set.

Here are some FAQ’s on lash tweezers as well as the best picks for lash artists. Whether you're a seasoned pro or just starting, find the perfect tools to create stunning, lasting eyelash extension sets.

Don’t be put off by the amount of tweezers to choose from, it just means that there is something out there for everyone!

What type of tweezers are best for eyelashes?

Eyelash extension tweezers come in all different shapes and sizes and are used for different steps and techniques. At the end of the day it’s what you, as the lash artist, find more comfortable and practical to how you lash. 

Commonly long, curved or straight tweezers are the best tweezers for eyelash extensions - 

  • Straight Tweezers: These are mostly used for isolating and picking up individual lashes during the lash extension application process. They provide good control and precision.
  • Curved Tweezers: These tweezers have a slight bend in the tips, making them suitable for picking up handmade or promade lash fans during application. Some people also prefer these for isolation as the curve helps separate and push the lashes apart a lot easier. 

LashBase Tweezer Collection

What tweezers are best for lash fans?

If you are creating lash fans, lash tweezers with a fine tip and a curve are often preferred such as the swan styles. These tweezers allow lash technicians to pick up and manipulate multiple lashes with ease.

How do you keep lash extensions from sticking to tweezers?

There’s nothing more annoying than your lashes sticking to your tweezers. To avoid this, keep your tweezers clean and free from adhesive residue. A good way to clean them off when they have become a bit sticky is to dip them in a tweezer cleaner and wipe, then you’re good to go again.

If you have no lash adhesive residue on your tweezers and the lashes are still sticking, dip the tips of the tweezers in a small amount of baby powder. This can help prevent lashes from sticking to the tweezers.

How do I choose lash tweezers?

Always look at the material of the tweezers. Stainless steel tweezers are common and durable and another thing to look for in tweezers is a non-slip grip (fibre tips are great for non-slip grip due to the crisscross texture engraved into the tip).

Also, check the tip type! Choose tweezers with a fine tip for precision. The tips can be straight or curved, depending on your preference and the techniques you use - as shown in the tweezer grid.

How do lash techs clean their tweezers?

It’s essential to clean tweezers thoroughly between clients to maintain hygiene standards. 

Soak tweezers in tweezer cleaner or barbicide solution for the recommended time, ensuring they are completely submerged.

Store tweezers in a clean, dry place to prevent contamination. We suggest a lash tweezer display stand or lash tweezer storage case.


Best tweezers for Isolation Lashes:

isolation tweezers

Premium Straight Isolation Tweezers

Our lash extension tweezers are ergonomically designed to perfectly isolate each natural lash (no more stickies in your lash sets!) and with an ultra-fine tip, you can even get to those tiny inner corner lashes.

The straight isolation tweezers are also made from a lightweight metal which will reduce hand fatigue, making sure you create the best lash sets with minimal discomfort and the best grip.


Best tweezers for Classic Lashes:

classic tweezers

Premium Swan Angled Tweezers

This is very much down to personal preference but any of the straight tweezers as well as any with a slight curve will work. As long as they have a good grip and your wrists are comfortable (curve tweezers are good for this) then you can’t really go wrong.


Best tweezers for Volume Lashes:

volume tweezers

Premium Slim Boot Tweezers

These tweezers are recommended for all volume lash application techniques and fanning techniques except ‘wiggle’.

The angled tip of the tweezer means you can pick and manipulate eyelash extensions easily into pretty wide fans. If a curved tip tweezer is more to your liking, use tweezers such as the swan light curve tweezer

Best tweezers for Fan Making:

fan making

45 Degree Fibre Tip Tweezers

45 Degree Fibre Tip Tweezers have a textured pattern to ensure the strongest grip, holding volume lash fans securely in place. Great for volume/mega volume lash sets.

Our Fibre Tip Tweezers Collection is versatile, we know it has been a long time coming - we just wanted to get it right! We can fully support that they are a must-have tool for any Lash Artist.


What are Premium Eyelash Extension Tweezers?

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If you are thinking about investing into our Premium Tweezers Collection, here are a few benefits: 

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