Hot New Trend - Angel Lashes

What are Angel Lashes?

Angel Lashes are a mix between Classic lashes and Light Wispy Volume lashes.

With Angel lashes there is no right or wrong with regards to how you can create the set, you can customise them however you wish. However, the basic principle in creating this classic/light volume set is that you use 0.03mm lashes to create closed fans.

Because the lashes used are lighter and finer than what you would use to create a standard Classic Set, the appearance is softer, lighter and more wispy. 

One of our talented ambassadors Maddie Knapper (@bymadeleine__) has created a set of Angel Lashes (see below) and shared her map with us. She did mention that to create this set she did freestyle. Which is another reason we are hot on this lash trend. You really can be as creative as you wish.

Angel Lashes using LashBase Products
Angel Lash Map

Here is a list of products used to create the set:

Narrow Fans
Pro Made Fans
LBX Collection 0.03mm

What are your thoughts on Angel Lashes? We have to say, we are obsessed! We would love to see your sets, so don’t forget to share with us over on Instagram: @LashBase_UK