How to build your new business on Instagram

How to build your new business on Instagram

Instagram is quickly becoming an essential platform when it comes to growing a business and an online community.

If you’re just starting out, your main goal will be to find and attract new clients. But how do you do that? This where Instagram comes in – by using Instagram effectively you can turn followers into clients and grow your new lash business!

Instagram is a great way to build relationships, network, engage and find new clients. Not sure where to start? Here are our top tips to building your new lash business on Instagram:


Organise your Instagram profile!

First, you'll need to set up your account and organise your profile. Most, if not ALL of the time, the first occasion in which people will see your profile picture is when it is in their notifications tab. This means it will be displayed at a diameter of approx. 3mm! If you want to stand a chance at making an impact, then your profile picture needs to stand out. So if possible, make it high contrast rather than a bland vanilla/peach colour and make your profile picture stand out for the right reasons.

The next step is to ensure that you make it as easy as possible for people to know the “how and where”. What we mean by this is that you MUST have an easy way for a potential client to contact you and have your location set. Make sure to include your contact information on your profile so potential clients can contact you easily. You'll also need to include your location, so clients know where you're based. 


Identify your audience

As a lash artist, you may think that having thousands of followers should be the goal. But that’s where you are wrong. You want to aim to have a smaller, more engaged group of people that can provide you with income vs thousands of followers from across the world. It’s all about understanding that Instagram for business is not a popularity contest but instead a tool to help you make money. This is why identifying your audience is key! You need to be speaking to people in your local area. When you post on Instagram, use the “tag location” function and be sure to tag your local location. This will help people in the local area discover you!


Be consistent

Remember Instagram is a visual app and people want to see your work! So, make sure to be consistent with your content. Upload amazing lash sets with good lighting and engage on the platform frequently. You have around 3 seconds to make an impact so think outside the box with your posts. Of course, Instagram isn’t just about having an aesthetically pleasing feed, it is way more than that. If your aim is to gain lash clients, then you need to stop interacting with lash artists and focus on engaging with people in your local area, who are likely to book in for lash extensions. 



Instagram engagement is more important than ever. Engagement is one of the metrics Instagram uses to determine where your content shows up in your followers’ feeds. So in short, the more you engage with your followers, the better. So what can you do? Firstly, replying to all of the comments on your own posts is vital. If someone has made the effort to leave a comment, reply. The aim is to “put yourself out there” and actually find new clients rather than relying on them to find you. 

Dedicate some time each day/week to engage on the platform. Like posts, leave comments and respond to all comments/messages. You'll soon see your business grow. 


We hope you found this blog post helpful. As always if you have any questions feel free to get in touch on Instagram @LashBase_UK and we'll be happy to help. 

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