Our Must Have LashBase Products

Our 'Must Have' LashBase Products

There are so many different types of lashes and adhesives to choose from, it can be hard to know which products are essential for your lash kit. If you're not sure which products you need, or need a little help deciding on your essentials, here are MUST HAVE products recommendations:  

Lashes are obviously going to be top of our list! However as we know there are so many different styles, curls, lengths and thicknesses to choose from! As a starting point we would recommend the below options: 

Classic Sets – LBX Collection 0.15 C Mixed Length Tray 

Volume Sets-  Narrow Fans  0.07 D Mixed Length Tray 

Reasons why we recommend LBX for classic lashes: The lashes in our LBX Collection are tapered to create a softer and lighter lash. These lashes have a true black colour, and are easy to remove from the strip making them perfect for classic sets!

Reasons why we recommend Narrow Fans for volume lashes: Our Narrow Fans are the ideal lash to create a dramatic, voluminous and more uniformed lash look. They give great density and darkness at the base and tip, which means you can achieve the ultimate strip lash look and perfect top line!

Every lash artist needs a great adhesive alongside their lashes. At LashBase you’ll find the best glue for lash retention! Need help deciding which adhesive is best for you? Here's a blog that can help you with your decision!

Here are our top adhesives perfect for your lashing kit!

Supreme – Our Supreme adhesive has a curing time of 0.5 - 1 seconds and has a very strong, long-lasting bond. Perfect for highly experienced lash artists who work quickly.

Extreme Plus –  Our Extreme Plus adhesive is quick-drying, with a curing time of 1 – 2 seconds. A great all round adhesive suitable for classic, hybrid, and Russian volume lash extensions. 


Before you begin lashing, it's important to work on clean natural lashes. You’ll need to remove all makeup/oils and residue from the lashes before you begin application. If there’s any makeup/oils on the lashes this will affect the lash extensions adhering to the natural lashes and therefore will effect retention. This is why having a cleanser in your kit is key!

We recommend our Purified Sensitive Cleanser as a kit essential. Use this as part of your pre-treatment cleanse, watch our video demo below!


Finding your perfect pair of tweezers takes a lot of time and patience! What works for one lash artist, may not work for another so its worth testing out a few options.

However, any tweezers from our Premium Tweezer collection would be perfect for your lash kit upgrade! Each tweezers are designed to be the perfect size and weight for eyelash treatments. We understand that every lash artist has their own preference when it comes to tweezers. The best part, all of our premium tweezers come with:

  • Free accidental damage replacements for 1 year*
  • Hand Tested before sale*
  • 30 day money-back guarantee*

Full terms HERE

Eye Pads
Eye Pads are a must when it comes to lash extensions! You want to ensure your clients are comfortable and the eye pads provide a neat fit and cover the lower lashes. Our Premium Eye Pads  hold lower lashes in place and provide a comfortable and neat fit. They are super versatile and a perfect choice for most clients! They can also be trimmed with scissors the suit and fit your client's eye shape. 


And that's our round-up of our 'must haves' to keep in your lash extension kit. We hope you found this blog post helpful and it's given you some tips on what to purchase when you are just starting out.  If you have any questions feel free to drop us a DM on Instagram @LashBase_UK and we'll be happy to help!