How to elevate your client’s experience

How to elevate your client’s experience… 

Written by Millie Sampson (LashBase Influencer)

Today, there are salons everywhere. They’re in every town and around every corner. So many people have joined the beauty industry and are offering the same treatments as you. If you want to run a successful business, constantly attracting clients and 5* reviews, then you need to go the extra mile. They may LOVE the treatment you’ve completed, but if their experience wasn’t good, its unlikely they will return. There is so much more to your client’s experience than just the set of lashes or the brows that you create, and it starts from the second they view your social media page and begin to enquire.



The most profitable people for your business are your loyal clients, they are the ones most likely to re book, purchase a new cleanser you’re stocking or talk about you, and we all know word of mouth is the best form of advertising, so look after them! A great way to do this is through loyalty cards/schemes. For example, if they visit you 5 times, give them something to say thank you! I personally prefer to add value than to take money off the treatment. A brow wax and tint is perfect – low product cost, its quick AND it makes you photos look better! Another thing I like to do to look after my regulars is if I’m starting a new treatment and will be doing discounted prices for a few weeks – offer these to them first!



It needs to be easy for your clients to contact you in order to form and maintain a relationship with them. I’m not saying you need to be available 24/7, but have your replying hours (maybe pop these in your bio) and stick to them! You can get an automated message on your social medias which replies to the client and lets them know when they can expect a reply. I like to make sure I’ve got a range of contact options for different clients. Its unlikely your more mature clients will message over Instagram, so have a business email and provide your phone number in order to cater for everyone.


Personal touches

I think this is such an important part of running a business, and something that clients will pick up on quickly and remember. Something I started doing early on in my career was to keep a blank page in my client records, so that if they mentioned something important like an upcoming holiday, a job interview, or that their mums in hospital etc., I would note this down and make sure I asked about it when I next saw them. With your regulars this will just come naturally, but this is especially helpful with new ish clients or people that come in occasionally. It will make them feel special and its also a great conversation starter if you are nervous – I know I was during the first few weeks of starting out! Something as simple as putting some branded stickers on chocolates, and adding these to your aftercare bags can make such a difference.


Manage expectations

We’ve all had a client with very thin, sparse of damaged lashes come in and show us a photo of the longest and thickest lashes ever – not possible! You are the professional, before you start make sure you explain that they will not safely be able to achieve this look. Its so much better to speak up and be honest with the client rather than them open their eyes at the end of the treatment, expecting something else. I have had many clients come in for brow lamination, who could do with more brow hair to get perfect results – so I send them away with a castor oil (I make my own little bottles with a branded sticker) and tell them to come back in 6 weeks. Don’t be afraid to be honest with your clients in order to achieve better results, they will appreciate it.


Welcome feedback

Whether its good or constructive, feedback is so important. I would even say that constructive feedback can be even more valuable than positive feedback. I message all my clients I’ve seen that day when I get home from work, checking that they are happy with the treatment and I also give them my Facebook link, asking if they’d like to leave a review. Good or constructive, you can always learn from feedback and you can use the advice to improve your clients experience with you.


You want to aim to turn every first time client into a loyal one, and if you continue to exceed expectations and provide a perfect service – you will do just that! Of course we all have those clients who come once a year for their birthday or come every so often, but these are still loyal clients, choosing you each time and supporting your business! You are your own brand, and a brand is SO much more than just the products you sell or the treatments you provide – you must go further and go above and beyond in every aspect that you possibly can.


 Millie Sampson, Beauty with Millie

 Instagram @beauty_withmillie