How to keep your clients coming back

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So, you've built your business up and have mastered how to create the perfect lash sets for your clients. But how do you ensure those clients keep coming back for more lashing? Especially now when you may have a lot of new faces during the Christmas Party season. Let's spill the tea on keeping your lash appointments fully booked.

Quality Lash Sets with Great Service

Wow your clients with amazing service and great results. Make every appointment an experience they won't forget. Consistently serving high-quality lash sets will keep them hooked - at the end of the day, it’s what they’re paying for! Why not add in little extras like a lip mask treatment? Little touches like this will make your business stand out.

Make it Personal

Sometimes it may feel like you’re a lash conveyor belt with clients one after the other BUT to your clients, this is a 1:1 appointment where they want to feel special.  Get to know your clients' vibe and what they like when it comes to lash styles. Customising their lash looks to suit eye shapes or lifestyle makes them feel seen and keeps them coming back for that personalised touch. Your clients don’t want to be a number!

Friendship Over Transactions (within reason!)

You're not just a lash artist; you're building connections. Remember names, chat about life, and show some love beyond the lashes. Make it feel like a catch-up sesh with a side of stunning lashes - unless they want to use that time for that all-important lash nap. 

Slide into their DMs - Not in a Creepy Way

This is one of those that is a nice to do if you have the time. Keep the conversation going after the appointment. Drop a message to check how they're loving their new look or share some aftercare tips. Social media's your BFF for staying connected. Limit this to one or two messages though, you don’t want to come across creepy!

Treat Loyalty Like Royalty

Reward those who keep coming back for more fluffy lashes. Loyalty programs, exclusive offers, discounts on lash fills after a certain amount of appointments, or a secret menu of perks for regulars— like VIP access to fabulous lashes. You can design loyalty cards on canva or look on pinterest for some loyalty card inspo!

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Feedback is Your Secret Sauce

Ask for their thoughts! Good or 'needs improvement', their insights are golden. Use their feedback to up your lash game and show you value their opinions. These little testimonials are also good for social media (if they’re positive) so feedback is always great!

Stay Trendy, Stay Winning

Be the lash trendsetter!  Keep learning new techniques, stay updated on what's hot, and bring those fresh vibes to your studio. Keeping it trendy keeps your clients intrigued. Why not create a highlight on your Instagram profile of trending lash looks to inspire your clients? 

Lash Space

Create a cosy lash studio! Think chill tunes, a comfy lash bed, and those soothing spa vibes. Clients are often busy with life too, so this 1-2 hour appointment could be the only bit of peace they get in a day. Make their visit as calm and relaxing as possible to keep them looking forward to their next appointment.

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Insta-Worthy Lashes

Let your lash work do the talking! Flaunt your best lash transformations on social media. Show them what they're missing out on and attract new lash lovers. Make sure you’re taking high-quality pictures - invest in decent lighting and get yourself a macro lens to get up close to the lashes. If you need some help with taking lash images, read this!

Spread the Lash Love

Happy clients = your best marketing team. Encourage them to spread the word with incentives like discounts or gifts. Referrals bring in new faces, and your clients will feel like they're part of an exclusive lash club, increasing the loyalty to your business.


Turning one-time clients into regulars doesn’t have to be difficult; it's all about delivering killer service, personalised experiences, and building relationships. So, keep slaying those lashes and watch your lash business thrive!