A Gift Guide for Lash Artists

Whether you're a lash artist buying a gift for another lash artist, or you're simply looking for gift ideas for a lash artist in your life (or even if YOU are the lash artist and want to drop some hints) then this Christmas gift guide is for you!

Lash Artists have many different styles and ways of working, so when it comes to lash related gifts, one size does not fit all!

For the Lash Artist Who Always Wants to Learn More

Give the gift of knowledge with our selection of lash artist ebooks on topics such as building your lash business from the ground up, how to keep your clients coming back, and lash retention guides.

For the Lash Artist Who Loves to Experiment

We know there are lash artists who LOVE trying new things, whether it's the latest product or the latest trend in lashing. Why not gift new products? Keep them up-to-date with the latest lash products by gifting them a set of new colour lashes, adhesives, or tools to try out.

For the Lash Artist Who Loves to Be Organised

When running a busy lash business, stationery and organisation are key: Help them keep their workspace tidy and organised with lash extension storage or lash extension tweezer holders. Why not get a desk planner or mindset is everything journal from our she did collective. Collection?

she did collective lash organisation

For the Lash Artist Who Loves to Pamper Their Clients

The perfect gift for the lash artist who loves to pamper others is our Collagen Lash Shampoo: This luxurious collagen lash shampoo will leave the client’s lashes feeling soft and conditioned while also benefiting the eye area with a little hit of collagen. Even better, why not get a LashBase Lash Pillow? They provide clients with extra comfort and support during lash appointments.

For the Lash Artist Who Loves to Show Off Their Skills

To the Lash Artist who needs to show off their masterpiece lash sets - the Macro Lens: Capture stunning close-up photos of lash work with a high-quality macro lens for smartphones or cameras. They’ll have viewers drooling over their lashes!

macro lashbase lens beauty photos

For the Lash Artist Who Never Stops

Sometimes the gift that's needed is a break! In this case, gift a back or head massage. Even better, if childcare is needed, why not arrange childcare? Lash Artists work to make people feel good, so this is the perfect gift to give back to them.

For the Lash Artist Who Has It All

Some Lash Artists really do have it all and who can blame them?! LashBase is the perfect partner for perfect lash sets and great lash businesses. In this case, gift a Gift Card! The ultimate flexibility to choose their own lash artist gift with a gift card to their favourite lash supply store.

lashbase gift card