Lash Trends For 2024

As we say goodbye to 2023, the dawn of a new year gets us excited for the lash trends that will captivate beauty enthusiasts. As the UK's favourite lash suppliers, we're thrilled to forecast the upcoming trends set to redefine eye glamour in 2024. Let's delve into the crystal ball of fashion-forward lash styles that are poised to take centre stage.

Retro 60s Inspired: Bold and Spikey Lower Lashes

Drawing inspiration from the swinging 60s, anticipate a resurgence of bold, spikey lower lashes to elevate your look. This throwback style, characterised by its lower lash emphasis, is destined to make heads turn. Get ready to embrace this daring and distinctive retro vibe, accentuating the eyes with a touch of nostalgic glamour.

retro - eyelash extension trends

'Old Money Style' Natural, Wispy

Channeling the timeless elegance of 'Old Money Style,' expect a surge in demand for natural, wispy, and feathered dark brown lashes. This sophisticated yet understated look exudes class and refinement, providing a subtle enhancement to your natural beauty.

old money makeup look - lash trends

Colourful Lashes: Pops of Vibrant Hues

Injecting a vibrant and playful twist into lash fashion, colourful lashes are set to make a splash in 2024. Embrace pops of bright colour that add an element of fun and individuality to your lash game. Whether it's a hint of electric blue or a splash of fiery red, be prepared to express your clients personality through a kaleidoscope of colours. We don’t think they’re going to be limited to just festivals and events in 2024!

colour eyelash extensions - lash trends

Classic/Wet Look Lashes: Balletcore Essentials

The allure of classic, wet-look lashes will continue to mesmerise in 2024. Known for their glossy sheen and texture, these lashes exude sophistication. Get ready to elevate your glam game with this timeless and lustrous style.

This lash look is perfect for the emerging balletcore trend. A fusion of cool pink undertones and ethereal, glowy skin. Embracing the daintiness of 'vanilla girl' aesthetics combined with the charm of 'strawberry makeup,' this trend places a spotlight on lashes, encouraging a super girly yet minimal look that's oh-so-dreamy.

balletcore - lash trends 2024

Natural Lash Enhancements: Lash Serums, Lash Lifts, and More

An overarching trend going into 2024, probably the biggest trend at the moment, is natural beauty. Anticipate a surge in interest for natural lash enhancements. From lash lifting treatments to nourishing lash serums, 2024 celebrates enhancing your natural lashes for a flawless yet understated look.

“The biggest overarching makeup trend in 2024 will be naturally balanced makeup looks. In 2024, your false lashes should be unclockable. Whether you’re going out for brunch or date night, your lashes should look natural and lifted. Just think: your lash but better,” confirms top celebrity makeup artist Ash K Holm.

natural lashes - lash trends

Bold Graphic Liners

Finally we have the era of bold graphic liners - while not necessary a lash look, this can be created using the L curl lashes. Craft sharp lines and captivating shapes that complement your eye shapes, ushering in new eye-catching creativity and artistic expression.

liner lash trends - l curl lashes

So, the lash trends for 2024 will be embracing nostalgia, celebrating natural beauty, along with all the creativity. Stay tuned for a year filled with lash innovations and captivating styles that will redefine the way you lash. 

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