Let's Get Social!

Let's Get Social!

Where to Find LashBase on Social Media

One thing we pride ourselves on at LashBase is our customer service and educational content. We like to make things as straight forward as possible and make our brand easily accessible across all social media platforms in case you ever need to get in touch.

We love to chat, hear your feedback, see your lash photos, and answer any questions but if you’re not sure where to find us, we’ve put all the info on our social media platforms below so next time you know exactly how (and where) to reach us.


Instagram is probably our most used platform and we love it! It’s visual after all and what better place to share our new products, amazing lash sets, and helpful tips and tricks. On our Instagram feed, you’ll find our favourite lash pictures, our new products and some helpful videos (with a LashBase Pink theme of course!) We try and keep things fun, so Instagram is a place we also run a lot of giveaways and competitions. We also like to share your photos on our Instagram stories to our followers, and if you tag us in a post (@LashBase_Uk) then we’ll be sure to check it out and give it some love.

We have a few Instagram accounts; our UK account is @LashBase_UK and you can also find our marketing team on the gram too:

Jamie  - @LashBase_Jamie

Amy - @LashBase_Amy

Ellen - @LashBase_Ellen

If you want to follow our US launch and see what we’re up to in the states then you can follow @LashBase_US

Seen something on our Instagram feed and have a question? You can slide into our DM’s and we’ll be happy to help. Please note: our Instagram messages are monitored Monday-Friday 9 am-5 pm!


Our LashBase Facebook Page can be found by simply typing LashBase into your Facebook search bar. Our Facebook page has lots of content, recommendations, and reviews and is also a place you can ask us questions by using Facebook messenger.

We also have our Team LashBase Facebook Group which was created to offer support, help, tips, and advice to all lash artists. Lash Groups can be the BEST but they can also the WORST place for advice and we wanted to change that. This group is all about positivity and support, but this group is for professional Lash Artists only and new members may be asked to supply proof of qualification. This is the place we always post about our discount codes too so it may be worth joining if you haven’t done so already.


We’re pretty new to Tik Tok but we thought it was about time we joined! Our TikTok feed is all about short and sweet clips and we try and be more product-focused on this platform. We like to produce short informative videos (usually to a catchy song) in a fun way and keep things engaging.  Have you joined TikTok? If so, you can follow us, just search for LashBase on the TikTok app.


YouTube is the place we like to offer more educational content. Sometimes it’s hard to explain something over an Instagram message, so we’ll film a video instead! We like to film different tutorials, how-to videos, and lashing techniques. A few of our current videos include how to use our FinalEyes Make-up Remover and some handy lash lifting hacks.

You can watch our YouTube videos on the link below: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCpODTV-7ntiBO8D31c4oFWg/videos

If you would like to see a video on a specific technique or a how-to on a specific product, let us know and we’ll pass it on to our creative team who can get filming!


Pinterest is all about lash industry inspiration! We like to ‘pin’ all our favourite lash photos, salon inspiration and lash quotes. You’ll find a pink theme running through our Pinterest boards and we like to keep everything visually pleasing! Whether you lash full time or just do it as a hobby, we hope you can take some inspiration from our Pinterest boards. We also post a lot of product pictures here too which link back to our website, in case you like what you see or want to know more!

Find us on Pinterest here: https://www.pinterest.co.uk/lashbase


Are you on LinkedIn? If so – let’s connect! Our business page can be found, by typing ‘LashBase Ltd’ into the search bar. We mostly use LinkedIn to post about industry news, our company updates and whether we have any job opportunities at LashBase HQ. We like to keep things professional on LinkedIn, and we love seeing your work anniversaries or your business updates!

You can find our LinkedIn page here: https://www.linkedin.com/company/lashbase-limited

The LashBase Podcast

We launched The LashBase Podcast last year and have 20 episodes to date! We like to base our podcast episodes on specific subjects. A few areas we have covered so far are pricing, lash retention and our US launch! Our podcast episodes allow us to go into a lot more detail, cover industry news and have in-depth discussions. If you want a specific question answered or just want to get our opinion on a topic, the chances are we’ll have an episode dedicated to it! Our podcasts are hosted by @LashBase_Jamie and @LashBase_Amy.

You can listen to our podcast episodes on the link below: https://open.spotify.com/show/2hg2vvqunks00U9f4qUOC3?si=YE7B_NclTK2LDOVQWWiO5g


And last but not least you can contact us by good old-fashioned email.

Not sure where to direct your enquiry? We’ve added a few helpful contacts below:

Order Enquiries – hello@lashbase.co.uk

Training Enquiries – training@lashbase.co.uk

Marketing Enquiries – marketing@lashbase.co.uk

Press/Collaboration Enquiries – ellen@lashbase.co.uk

We try and answer every enquiry and question as quickly as possible across all of our platforms however we only have a small team and to make things manageable we monitor our messages Monday-Friday 9 am to 5 pm. If you do message outside of this time, then don’t worry we haven’t forgotten you, we’ll reply the following day.

We hope you enjoyed reading this post, as always if you ever want to get in touch, we’re happy to help.