LashBase Pro Light or Pro Ring Light?

LashBase Pro Light or Pro Ring Light?

Lighting for lash extension treatments has become almost as important as the tweezers in your hands and with good reason. Great lighting will make your working conditions easier, your photos look better and will help you improve your lashing skills. All of these points are reasons to seriously consider investing in decent lash extension lighting.

We recently launched our new light and the perfect addition to the LashBase lighting category, the LashBase Pro Light, which we know you will love. We also still stock the LashBase Pro Ring Light, so which one do you choose?

We decided to put both to the test and try to figure out which one, in our opinion, is best. We are going to break down different sections to get a clear and honest comparison that we hope will help to make a decision easier.

Lash Extension Lighting being compared:

LashBase Pro Light - Lash Lighting LashBase Pro Ring Light - Lash Lighting

(Left - Pro Light, Right - Pro Ring Light)

Please note: We are specifically talking about these two products. Other models may vary.

Let’s get started…

Light Quality

This one is not so clear-cut. Both lights offer the best daylighting available. Crisp 5600k lighting. However, that is where the similarities end. The Pro Light Revolution has 2 arms, both with lights attached and both flexible. This means that the manoeuvrability to get your lighting into the right place is excellent. The Pro Ring Light, however, offers the most even coverage. This means that you don’t get shadows in places where shadows shouldn’t be. It’s worth noting that it only has a pivot point to adjust the angle of the light from the stand, but that being said, the 18” option offers enough coverage to light the whole face without the need for more flexibility. It really comes down to your needs and workspace for which one is more suitable.

Our Choice: Draw


Both lights offer a lot more than just “on and off” settings, which is great for many different reasons. We’ll start with the Pro Light. You get a smart looking touchpad with 5 different touch settings as well as a remote control to change the level of brightness without touching the light. Using the LashBase Pro Light couldn’t be more simple. Tapping on the touchpad cycles through the light settings as well as turning it on/off. You then have the option of moving the flexible arms into your desired position. The Pro Ring Light, on the other hand, has a dial and a digital display to go from 1-100%. It’s easy to use, clearly displayed and also gives you complete control. Turning the Ring Light on and off is done via a switch and not using the dial. To conclude this section, The Pro Ring Light has a lot more options when it comes to the amount of light and the digital display is great, but the Pro Light definitely has more style and the flexible arms add to the functionality. This is a close call and there are arguments either way.

Our Choice: Draw

Build Quality

Both are the crème de la crème of lighting and offer the best build quality that money can buy. Both are strong, sturdy, and extremely reliable. This means that you can expect the two options will see you through a lot of your lashing career before needing a replacement.

Our Choice: Draw


They say love is in the eye of the beholder, so feel free to disagree with us on this point. Don’t get us wrong, the Pro Light is unmistakable. It’s sleek and stylish, but our choice for this section goes to the Pro Ring Light. Even someone that doesn’t know what they are looking at is impressed when they see you have a Pro Ring Light. It looks professional, it’s very slim and it oozes class. It’s also the latest “in” toy, which just adds to the appeal.

Here is another thing we love about the Pro Ring Light, Looking at the images below of 2 sets of lashes we can see that there is a clear winner. The look that is achieved from the round glow of a Pro Ring Light sends us over the edge.


Our Choice: Pro Ring Light


Everyone loves an accessory, don't they? And for lights, it is no different. There are 2 differences when it comes to 'add ons' for each of the 2 lights. The Pro Ring Light comes with a phone holder, meaning that you can film your treatments and perfect for going hands-free when taking selfies. The Pro light doesn't however what it does come with is a remote control to change the brightness of your light without needing to move from your seat. Great for the end of your lash treatment when you need to dim the light so your client isn't blinded by the light.

Our Choice: Draw


Both the Pro Light and the Pro Ring Light come with a smart carry case and both weigh around the 2kg mark. This means they are both light, easily transportable and great for using if you are mobile or salon based. The Pro Light case is a rectangle in shape and the Pro Ring Light is square. The main difference is that the Pro Ring Light stand comes as a separate item and does not fit in the bag. This may be seen as inconvenient by some. So because of that fact, we have made our decision.

Our Choice: Pro Light

The Result

It is a hard choice to make, both lights are brilliant and you will struggle to find a better option for premium lighting. Getting a great light is definitely something you should consider this year if you don’t already have one. They practically pay for themselves with the quality of your photos and how much easier they make your job.

As it is too close to call, and because after all, it is down to personal preference, we have decided that...

It's a draw!

Thanks for reading. We’d love to know your opinion and what you favourite light is. So get in touch!

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