Once Opened, Use Within...

Once Opened, Use Within...

"I wonder how long this product will last?"

We know that some of you may have asked yourself this question whilst you've been going through your lash stash. Whether you're planning on restocking on some of your favourites or wondering which lash products still have some life left in them, we're here to help!

We have rounded up all of our most popular products and checked their shelf life, so you'll know exactly how long all your LashBase faves will last for once they have been opened.

The good news is a few of these products are multifunctional and can be used in more ways than one, which means you can really get your use out of them whilst they’re in your lash stash.

Adhesives (3 months)

Adhesives are top of the list when it comes to restocking and every lash artist has their favourite. All our adhesives have the same shelf life. When first bottled by the manufacturer, our adhesives have a 9-month unopened shelf life (if stored correctly). Lash adhesives need to be handled with care, so you’ll need to store them upright in an airtight container to ensure longevity. We recommend renewing your adhesive (whether it is opened or unopened) within 6 weeks.

Primer and Accelerator (12 months)

The LashBase Primer and Accelerator is a great product to have in your kit as it works with all adhesives in our range. Once opened our Primer and Accelerator will last up to 12 months. In addition to its long unopened shelf life the Primer and Accelerator is a multifunctional product and can be used in two ways:  as an adhesive accelerator or to remove dirt and oils from the natural lashes.

PerfectFan (3 months)

PerfectFan stops adhesive travelling up your beautifully crafted lash fans and is a great kit staple for all the volume lash artists out there. Once opened PerfectFan will last up to 3 months. PerfectFan can be used by simply applying the product across the lash extension strip 1mm from the base. This product can also help as an adhesive accelerator. If you notice any brush off, use less PerfectFan!

FlexiBonder (3 months)

One drop of FlexiBonder across the adhesive bonds post application will promote flexibility in the adhesive bond. FlexiBonder reduces any tiny air bubbles between the client’s natural lash and adhesive and it also helps neutralise adhesive fumes. Once opened FlexiBonder will last up to 3 months.

Purified Sensitive Cleanser (6 months)

Every lash artist knows that aftercare is extremely important! Purified Sensitive Cleanser is the perfect product to retail to clients as part of their aftercare regime. Once opened the cleanser will last up to 6 months – perfect for clients who like to get their lashes done regularly. You can also use Purified Sensitive to clean your client's lashes at the start of their appointment.

No.1 Oil Free Makeup Remover (12 months)

In addition to our Purified Cleanser, our Oil-Free Make-Up Remover can be used on eyelash extensions without affecting the adhesive. It’s also superb on normal lashes and other sensitive areas of the face - which makes it another great retail product! The best news is that once opened, it will last up to a year!

FinalEyes (3 months)

FinalEyes is a game-changer for those clients who like to wear a lot of eye make-up. Once opened FinalEyes will last for up to 3 months. We recommend retailing FinalEyes to every client, as it can be used in between infill appointments to ensure lashes are kept clean.

No.1 Gel lash and Brow Extension Adhesive Remover (12 months)

Every lash artist knows that a safe extension removal is key! The No.1 Gel Lash Extension Adhesive Remover works to de-bond eyelash adhesives (or brow extension adhesives) and works with all eyelash glues. Once opened the gel remover will last up to 12 months.

No.1 Cream Lash Adhesive Remover (12 months)

Our No.1 Cream Lash Adhesive is our most popular remover and super easy to use. Being a cream type remover, it is easy to use with a microfibre brush or Lint-free Applicator. Just like our gel remover, once opened this product will last for up to 12 months. So whether you prefer gel or cream, both removers will last you up until a year.

We hope you have found this post helpful! As always if you have any questions then please get in touch on Instagram @LashBase_Uk and we'll be happy to help!

Team LashBase x