Tips and tricks for getting the perfect lash lift

Written by LashBase Influencer Beth Pullen

Had problems doing a lash lift? Are the lashes just not taking? Or is the curl not quite right? Here are some tips and tricks to help you get the best lift possible every time! 

Apply The Minimum Amount of Adhesive 

Adhesive is required to adhere the lashes to the shields, however if you use too much you can clump the lashes together, or it can create a barrier preventing the product to work deep into the lashes. Apply a little and lift the lashes onto the shield, then work in small sections, using a small amount of adhesive. 

Clean The Skin Thoroughly 

Oily skin? Dirt or make up? All these elements will affect the Lifted products working! In addition to this, if there's any dirt/residue on the eyelids, this will result in the shield not adhering in the correct place. Make sure to remove all makeup/residue prior to the treatment with Protein Remover Pads.

TOP TIP for shields: you can put Micropore Tape down first on the skin and then adhere the shield on top, this prevents too much adhesive going onto the client’s skin and dislodging the shield.   

Give The Lashes the Correct Time to Process

When using Lifted, the guidelines are:  

Step 1: 10 – 15 minutes depending on the condition of the natural lashes, for example if the lashes are fine, 10, and if they are coarse, 15. 

Step 2: 7 – 10 minutes.

Step 3 should be left on for 12 hours.


Use Warmth to Help the Product Process

My favourite way to do this is by using the Lifted Lifting & Lamination Wrap, it is already cut to size and easy to use! Use a piece of lamination wrap for Step 1, then get a new piece for Step 2 to prevent a cross contamination of products. My clients love the LashBase Lash Lift Eye Mask, I place this over the top to add a bit of luxury to the treatment. 


Choose the Correct Shield Size 

This is the most important step, if the shield is too small the lashes will curl over too much, if it is too large you won't get much curl. Think about the look you want to create, the best curl you can achieve and how long the natural lashes are. LashBase have recently launched their new Lifted L Curl Shields, these provide a more dramatic looking lift and are perfect for clients with downward facing lashes. 


Product Placement

Avoid applying Step 1 & 2 to the upper part of the lash, you do not want to curl the tips or over process them. Applying the product halfway down the lashes is enough to achieve great results.  


Finally, make sure your clients follow the correct aftercare to make them last! This includes; 

  • Not getting the lashes wet for 24 hours 
  • No rubbing or pulling the lashes 
  • No eye make up for 24 hours 
  • No saunas, steam rooms or hot tubs for 24 hours 
  • Avoid waterproof mascaras 

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