Top Tips for avoiding red eye and irritation

We’ve all experienced those sticky situations where a client leaves with slightly sore and sensitive eyes.

Slight reddening of the eyes is a frequent reaction amongst ALL lash artists after finishing a set, so don’t panic.

As you all know, eyelash glues are irritants and if vapour from the glue comes into contact with your client's eyes, it will cause a reaction. Whilst this irritation is usually minor it's worth taking extra care to avoid discomfort as overtime this may develop sensitivity which can unfortunately prevent the client from having the treatment in the future.

To help you with reducing this recurrence we have put together this helpful guide of our go to tips and tricks to ensure a comfortable customer experience. 

One of the most important steps before you start a treatment is to make sure your client is relaxed and comfortable. Ensure to put your client at ease by explaining the procedure and the importance of keeping their eyes closed.

Recommend not to consume caffeinated drinks such as Coffee, Tea or energy drinks before their appointment as this can lead to fidgeting, creating rapid eye movement which disturbs the placement of your lash pads.

Invest in a quality lash pillow which comfortably supports the neck. Although you may want to get through your set as quickly as possible, make sure you regularly give your client a chance to adjust their position, lying in one position too long can make your client restless.

A top tip for ultimate comfort is to create a bolster by simply placing a rolled towel under your client's knees which helps relieve tension and helps to relax.

Redness of the eyes can be a result of improper isolation of the lower eyelashes.

When applying your premium eye-pads, ensure that you don't place too high to the lash line or that they prevent the eyelid from closing as this can cause irritations.

If the client laughs or talks during the treatment the eye pads may shift and rub against the lash line. If your pads don't fit comfortably, you can cut them into a shape which will fit the client nicely. There’s no rush, take your time to get this right. 

A great hack we’d recommend is to use tape such as micropore or transpore. This Provides some extra help when securing eye pads in place and is a great way to adjust clients' eyelids to get a better view of the lash line. 

It’s vital that you invest in a quality adhesive. If you apply too much glue or improperly isolate the lashes can stick together and cause damage to the eyelids. 

Fumes from the glue can irritate if the eyelids are not closed tightly enough during the treatment. For more information about LashBase Adhesives and what we recommend check out our blog post Products and tips to help with sensitivity.

Don’t rush your client once you’ve finished the treatment, give them time to relax and slowly reopen their eyes.

Adhesive may not be fully cured so to speed up the process we recommend investing in the LashBase Mini Lash Fan or applying FlexiBonder 2 minutes post your last applied lash this is great for removing fumes and vapor from the client's eye area to reduce the risk of sensitivities.

We recommend giving at least 5 minutes rest time after the treatment.

As always we would love to hear from you if you have any questions or want to chat about any of the issues we have talked about! Keep connected and follow us on our socials or for more information, email