True or False: Lash Edition.

True or False: Lash Edition.

Let’s put your lash knowledge to the test! How many of the statements below could you answer correctly before reading this? 


You can get your lashes wet straight away after having lash extensions.

Answer: TRUE

You can indeed get your lashes wet, the drying process happens straight away. We advise waiting 2 - 3 minutes after applying lashes/having lashes applied, this will work to avoid shock polymerisation (white to form on the lashes due to shock drying). Some Lash Artists offer a post lash cleanse to help with lash sensitivities and to remove fumes from the area.


Pre Made Fans don't last as long as making your own fans.

Answer: FALSE

As long as the fan is applied properly, there is no reason for the lashes not to last as long. Retention will be the same.


Patch testing for lash extensions will show a reaction.

Answer: FALSE

Patch testing for adhesive cannot provide a 100% conclusive result, this is because only a small amount of product is used. It is more likely for allergies and sensitivities to occur in clients who have been exposed to the product. This means a client who has been having lash extensions for a while, is more susceptible than a new client who has never had them before.


Seasonal lash sheds are real!

Answer: FALSE

You may have noticed over the past few years we haven't pushed any content on seasonal lash sheds. This is due to more evidence being released to suggest that there is no such thing as seasonal lash sheds. There is, however, evidence to show that lash shedding occurs, just not in the spring and autumn months. Lash shedding is individual and can be caused by a number of personal factors.


More Instagram followers will mean more clients

Answer: FALSE

Followers don't mean more clients. Once you have more followers, you have the task of turning them into clients. This is not always done and there may be other ways you can gain clients. We don't recommend putting all your efforts into one platform. Figure out where your current clients come from and target those areas.


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