45 Degree Fibre Tip Tweezers


Our best selling Tweezers, now come in Fibre Tip - YAY!

45 Degree Fibre Tip Tweezers have a textured pattern to ensure the strongest grip, holding volume lash fans securely in place. Great for volume/mega volume lash sets.

Our Fibre Tip Tweezers Collection is versatile, we know it has been a long time coming - we just wanted to get it right! We can fully support that they are a must-have tool for any Lash Artist.

As they are part of our Premium Tweezers Collection, benefits include:

  • Free replacements for 1 year
  • Hand Tested
  • 30-day money-back guarantee*

Read the full terms HERE

If you are a beginner, they are a great addition to your kit, making the first few sets that little bit easier, as you won't spend time trying to find that grip point!

Colour: Silver

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