A day in the life of a lash artist

Written By LashBase Ambassador Beth Pullen

Being a lash artist may look glamourous on Instagram and Facebook feeds and sometimes it is. However, behind every photo and video is hours of work, practice and patience.  

Every lash artist is different, but I would like to share with you what a typical day is like being a lash artist. If you are just starting out you can see what it could be like or if you're a lash queen already you can see it from another perspective.  

There are so many different types of lash artists' out there! There are mums who are fitting lashing around the kids, salon owners, mobile artist, those renting a room and just some who are practising on friends.  

I work from home so I can do the school runs, pick the kids up and if I have a quiet day I have time to throw on a quick wash or just spend some time "relaxing" (usually scrolling through lash pics and editing and other social media work).   

I start my day looking at the diary and seeing who's in and what needs setting up and when I can take a lunch break. I try to book in mini breaks between big sets but sometimes I do get to the point of nipping to the loo or grabbing a quick snack and the door bell goes! 

The rooms all set up; I've put on some music quietly and made sure everything is clean, set up and ready for client number one. Client number one is always the best; it warms you up for the day and gets you in the lash zone.  

A couple of clients later I can finally have a break, grab some food and go through my phone and reply to any appointment requests. I also post photos of the lashes I've done that morning (If I remember to get the photo before they leave that is)   

Back to it, a couple more sets done and I finish for the school run and dinner before I start up again and do my 9-5 working clients evening appointments. These ones I always find to be more chilled as they have been at work all day. Their appointment gives them a chance to relax and usually a little lash nap.   

I have seen it less now I've started charging booking deposit's when a client books in for their appointment, but occasionally you get a no show or that text you hate 10 minutes before the appointment saying "sorry, I can't make it". In those times I sit and pre-make some fans which help make my Russian and Hybrid appointments quicker. I store these in the LashBase Fan Storage Box.  

I carry out a stock check once a week and make sure that I have got enough of everything I need for the following weeks ahead. Nothing is worse than having to say to someone "I'm really sorry I don't have any of those lashes left." - My advice is; just have extra of everything and when you move onto the extras reorder them for backups.  

Finally at the end of the day I switch off my phone, put my feet up and feel great that I have spent the day helping people feel more confident!  

How does your day look?  Let me know on Instagram @flourisheyelashandbeauty